May 23, 2017

Mega doesn’t even begin to describe the bold new marketing campaign from the California Milk Processor Board (CMPB) that integrates creative storytelling with advertising, digital, social, public relations, retail activation, and even virtual reality to encourage Hispanic consumers to rethink how they consume milk.

The Atrévete “Mega Dares” campaign, from GALLEGOS United, seeks to create new nontraditional occasions for consumers to drink milk by daring them to try unexpected food and milk pairings with an additional twist – such as a wind turbine. In one digital spot people attempt to eat spicy Korean tacos and drink a glass of milk while standing in front of a wind turbine generating 39 mph winds. In another ad, people enjoy buffalo chicken lettuce wraps and a glass of milk while being bounced around in a classic lowrider car. The result is both entertaining and memorable.

Heavy emphasis for this initiative was placed on digital and social, as this is where CMPB and GALLEGOS United found the consumer journey and conversation around food and beverage typically begins. Digital assets include teaser, :15, :30 and :60 second Mega Dares vignettes that will appear on websites popular with the Hispanic female target, such as Hoy, Telenoticias and Huffington Post ES among others. Additional behind the scenes footage will live on the website.

“Mega Dares is a continuation of our ongoing strategy to create new exciting associations in which to enjoy milk,” said W. Stephen James, Executive Director, California Milk Processor Board. “Mega Dares communications push people to question their long-held beliefs about how they consume milk and making them realize that milk is really as exciting as they’re willing to make it.”

Knowing how important it is to stand out among competitors at time of purchase; and building on the insight that Hispanic consumers view grocery shopping as an experience, GALLEGOS United created a series of consumer activations to take place at select retail locations throughout the state of California. In addition to product sampling, consumers will be able to participate in their own Mega Dare via a virtual reality experience. VR experiences range from eating a sandwich and drinking a glass of milk while riding a roller coaster to enjoying a milk and sandwich pairing while flying in a F-16 or hot air ballooning over Bavaria.

"Seeing is believing,” said Dave Damman, Co-President and Chief Creative Officer, GALLEGOS United. “When we say that a delicious cold glass of milk goes great with just about anything, we mean it. Going beyond the average everyday expectation is always fun and entertaining, and in the new world of consumer brand entertainment, these fun Mega Dares are just that. Experiencing and consuming milk in a new and unexpectedly daring way is proof of concept. What better way to communicate that, than through social conversations and original brand content featuring low riders and hurricane force winds. Our goal—get fans of milk to think of all the new things to try with milk, but on a whole new level."

The “Mega Dares” campaign will also include in-store POS, social media initiative and a public relations influencer campaign led by ROX United. The campaign begins on May 15 and will run through June 30.


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