May 19, 2017

Clio Sports recently announced the 2017 Sports Marketing Award winners honoring Austin-based LatinWorks with four awards for their campaign with Major League Baseball (MLB) #PonleAcento (Put An Accent On It).

“We are extremely proud and want to thank Clio Sports for the esteemed awards. It is truly a testament to the creative visionaries we have on our team and clients at MLB, who helped push forward this important effort,” said Christy Kranik, Chief Client Officer & Partner at LatinWorks. “We are in the business of developing campaigns that go above and beyond the standard call to action to create powerful movements that can cross markets and impact an industry.”

“#PonleAcento was created to highlight the distinctive mark that MLB’s Latino players and fans leave on the game and grew into so much more,” said Felicia Principe, Director, Brand Advertising & Marketing at Major League Baseball. “We are so proud of the #PonleAcento campaign and our collaboration with LatinWorks to make it such a successful movement. The recognition by Clio Sports on its impact and reach is an honor.”

#PonleAcento Campaign

In a sport where 27% of players are Hispanic, LatinWorks worked with the MLB to honor the skill, drama, and passion of Latinos and how they have helped shape and accentuate baseball like an accent mark accentuates words in a language. The #PonleAcento campaign drove over 30 MLB players to embrace their heritage by adding accents to the names on their jerseys.

This inspiring challenge was adopted by US Hispanics at large, as they too joined this initiative to leave their mark both on and off the field resulting in a cultural movement with millions of fans, celebrities and influencers participating including Marc Anthony, George López, Rosselyn Sánchez, Mario López, René Pérez “Residente”, Canelo Álvarez, and Angélica Vale.

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