September 03, 2020

IAB’s sixth 2020 buy/sell-side survey sees the “light at the end of the tunnel” for digital advertising, according to media buyers and sellers. In short: Digital ad spend for 2020 is expected to end with a 6% increase versus 2019.  The news, however, is dour for traditional media.

Key highlights:

  •     Buyers expect Digital ad spend to increase by 6% for FY2020 vs FY2019
  •         Paid Search (+26%), Social (+25%) and CTV (+19%) are among those with most impressive gains
  •         Digital Audio and Podcasts show slight decreases vs 2019—despite enjoying spend shifts in 1H
  •         DOOH hardest hit: -43% y/y for FY2020
  •     Buyers expect an average estimated -8% for all Traditional media channel ad spend FY2020 vs 2019
  •         Linear TV estimated at -24% y/y
  •         Traditional OOH projected at – 46%
  •     Budgeting for 2021 is still in flux and expected to increase y/y
  •         Buyers with at least ballpark budgets project +5.3% ad spend for FY2021 vs FY2020
  •     Plus, data and insights on brand anxiety caused by user-generated content on social

To download report CLICK HERE.





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