September 02, 2021

In our "Industry Spotlight Series", we are highlighting Roberto Orci - Executive Vice President of Strategic Growth of Captura Group.

We will continue to highlight our great industry executives in this series, asking them key questions about the business.  Enjoy.

We have asked a series of questions and their answers offer the Thought Leadership we need in our Industry.

It's the midway way point in 2021, do you see business growth ahead for the U.S. Hispanic Market?

The first part of the year was better than a year ago as a result of an increasing interest in reaching Hispanics using digital channels, which is our primary focus. Post pandemic, we expect continued growth. Consider how quickly Hispanic employment has bounced back. Improved measurement and attribution is also helping brands see that Hispanic marketing spend has a significantly better ROI than most alternatives.

With the coronavirus pandemic how has your agency dealt with clients and business; how has Covid19 affected you and your clients; and how have you fared from a business standpoint?

Covid 19 was a shock to the country and unsettling for marketers. On the plus side, we were able to pivot very quickly for our clients as we discovered a new normal. This is something that an agile independent agency is more used to doing and can do well. Fortunately for our business we were able to do this and continue our growth trajectory.

With the new Administration in Washington, do you see new opportunities for our U.S. Hispanic?

We have to give credit to marketers who base their investment decision on market factors and not on political winds. The continued opportunities we see are based on business growth rather than changes in Administrations.

African-Americans have found a favorable reception in Corporate America as a reaction to the events of this past summer. Do you think Hispanics in some way have been left behind?

The changes we are seeing for support of the African-American community were long overdue. We applaud Corporate America’s response. It is also time to address missed opportunities among Hispanics, Asians and other diverse communities, which we are also starting to see. Would we like to accelerate the pace of change for us? Of course.

For 2021, would you favor moving forward a Multicultural approach or a more focused Hispanic approach?

We don’t see that as an either/or question. Marketers should look at volume opportunities across all segments and invest accordingly. Of course, Hispanic will be a major growth driver in many instances.

At this point, after so much debate, do you see Latino culture as strong and vibrant as some years ago and still permeating U.S. culture at large?

Latino culture is stronger than ever. And interestingly, that holds true regardless of language or place of birth. This is evident in its continued influence on US culture at large. Look at the continued influence in the arts and food as examples.

Do you see value in the existing industry organizations working together to give a voice to our industry?

Industry organizations have played a key role in the past. Going forward they have an opportunity to have an even bigger voice as their relevance grows. We need them to be the squeaky wheel for the good of our communities, and collaborate whenever possible.

How do you feel about the need of the Latinx moniker as part of our advertising, marketing, media and T.R. lingo.?

There are subtle nuances from one moniker to the next. And they are all valid as they have meanings to different parts of our diverse Hispanic community. What’s important is that we keep our eye on the big picture and be specific when we need to do so.

With the pandemic still strong and with the recurrence of lock down still happening, are you optimistic or pessimistic about 2021?

Unfortunately, the pandemic is not under control. However, the market is adjusting and finding new ways to serve the public well which means continued opportunities.


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