March 14, 2017

By Gonzalo López Martí - Creative director, etc. /

  • The echo chamber in our industry tricks us into believing that everyone shares common experiences.
  • We operate under the assumption that there’s a mutual canon of knowledge binding us together.
  • Nevertheless, there’re still lots and lots of folks out there that are happily, productively and utterly uninterested in, say, the latest social media flavor of the month.
  • I just found out that a good client of mine, late 40s, highly educated, world traveler, comfortably perched in the upper tax bracket is entirely unaware -and uninterested in- Twitter and twitterspeak.
  • Hashtag?
  • What is that supposed to mean?
  • Good for him.
  • I am a big fan and frequent user of its app but I have to admit that Twitter might be the new Yahoo.
  • Or the new MySpace.
  • Perception is reality in Northern California’s cutthroat ecosystem.
  • Nothing is more toxic in Silicon Valley than being regarded as a has-been.
  • Unfair as it may sound, Twitter’s stock price is stalled, its user base growth has plateaued and advertisers show less and less interest in sending their marketing dollars the little bird’s way.
  • Market and media analysts seem perplexed and unable to explain why this is happening: the self-defined “microblogging platform” is the megaphone of choice of an inordinate amount of journalists, scientists, artists and, last but not least, the new occupant of the White House.
  • Still, eyeballs seem to be increasingly wandering elsewhere.
  • One of its Achilles’ heels appears to be its inability to properly position itself in the “video messaging” and “livestreaming” landscapes, where rivals Instagram and SnapChat beat it to the punch.
  • Vine, a Twitter subsidiary dedicated to radiating microform videos, was launched with pomp and circumstance a few years back but, for some reason, it is now being faded out surreptitiously as we speak.
  • THE big problem that might be scaring away users: Twitter is one of the most notorious open air landfills of modern culture.
  • Fake news, widespread poisonous snark, harassment, hostility, hatred, impropriety, vulgarity, filth and multitudes of anonymous or bogus accounts singlehandedly dedicated to trolling fulltime are the everyday currency in the 140 character realm.
  • Nevertheless, for those who have the stomach, open mind and thick skin to put up with the numerous geologic layers of detritus, the little blue bird’s habitat can also be a fascinating cultural observatory full of small discoveries.
  • One man’s trash is another one’s treasure.
  • To be continued next week.



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