October 27, 2017

At a time when immigration is at the forefront of cultural conversation, Johnnie Walker is launching a new spot titled “Citizenship*,” which brings attention to the diverse backgrounds that represents the rich fabric of America today. The new creative, which is part of the brand’s ongoing Keep Walking America campaign, showcases the journey to becoming an American citizen. 

Becoming an American citizen is a moment filled with pride and accomplishment – especially after the efforts and sacrifices many people have to endure to reach that moment. The spot showcases that America has always been and should always remain a progressive nation, built on values that celebrate and reward people from all colors and creeds.

To support this new campaign, Johnnie Walker recently partnered with Wilmer Valderrama to surprise hundreds of people who had just become new American citizens with a pop-up portrait studio outside of the Naturalization ceremony in Los Angeles last week.  Valderamma sat down with several citizens to learn more about their journey.  Wilmer himself noted, “Being an immigrant is a blessing and your biggest asset. Immigrants are the core of this country and I’m honored to help share their stories with the world.” Another guest who attended the event also said "This is personally one of my biggest accomplishments, I never once stopped trying, even at an older age where to someone else this wouldn't matter anymore. But it did to me."



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