November 07, 2017

To most industry experts, at forums like ANA and elsewhere, the only sure thing in advertising these days seems to be changed. Forecasters keep painting a future about the profitability of digital over analog and all things; Google competes successfully with the Global giants of Advertising; and Facebook reveals the powers of the 6-second spot. Where are we these days? Enter the growing content-creation activity by agencies.

Are Hispanic ad agencies moving away from the classic TV spots format? Judging from a recent content-creation effort by d expósito & Partners, leading brands like AARP may be looking at engaging audiences through the use of specifically created content and vehicles, such as short films and episodic series, among other messaging devices.

In what may well be one of the most ambitious audiovisual content-creation initiative among multicultural agencies so far, d expósito & Partners created and developed a powerful documentary for AARP, capturing the essence and the heartbeat of devoted Latino caregivers. First premiered on October 13th and titled “Cada paso del camino” (Every Step of the Way), the beautifully shot documentary is equally heart-wrenching and uplifting. It has already been recognized by film festivals.

“AARP is here to support Latinos who take care of a loved one, providing Spanish-language and bilingual tools and resources tailored to specific topics and challenges, such as caring for a loved one with dementia, as well as other practical tips and tools,” said Yvette Peña, AARP Vice President of Multicultural Leadership, Latino Audience Strategy. “With Cada paso del camino, AARP wants to recognize Latino caregivers’ vital role and incredible labor of love.”

“Cada paso del camino” showcases the powerful and emotional stories of four Latino family caregivers, including popular Spanish-language television personality and outspoken caregiver, Marco Antonio Regil. The film was directed by Alberto Ferreras, known for his 13-part documentary series “Habla” for HBO, as well as his award-winning novel, “B as in Beauty.” “Every Step of the Way”  joins other transformational audiovisual pieces recently created by agencies in their aim to innovate and extend their tool-box of messaging vehicles beyond the usual 30-second format and even beyond Social Media.

"Our agency team approached the filming of "Cada paso del camino" with great love and responsibility, aiming to showcase a variety of Caregiving situations found in the Latino community," said Louis Maldonado, Partner and Managing Director and account lead for AARP at d expósito & Partners.  "Caring for our loved ones is innate to who we are as Latinos, and we wanted to show that more intense situations often require a plan and network of people to help facilitate the difficult conversations, as well as the ability to make tough decisions that often go against our cultural upbringing."

“Cada paso del camino” is in Spanish with English subtitles and can be viewed online at, as well as with English subtitles.


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