August 25, 2017

Gracias Sugarman


Every now in then in your life you need to take some time off and travel along the mystic side of the river trail for whatever reason.  My case, a full knee replacement last week, a TV and an iPhone.

Watching TV with an elevated leg that I was icing aggressively after therapy, I came across a documentary on Starz Network about a 1970s trovador out of Detroit of Mexican decent called Rodriguez that frequented the local dive bars and belted out lyric and tunes that motivated the day that would make Bob Dylan look “more’ than twice.

Was it just Rodriguez, Sixto Rodriguez or Jesus Rodriguez?

The title of the documentary is “Searching for Sugarman”, a young Detroit singer cuts two albums circa 1970 that disappear - but in South Africa they become best sellers for years. Two men set out to find the musician they think long dead in this Best Documentary Oscar winner.



The documentary is well worth seeing how a young Mexican American helps build the crescendo for the youth of South African to fight against Apartheid.

Love the music with a good Scotch and a cigar.

So know we can add to Santana a Rodriguez that influence music culture in the 70’s.


Gene Bryan / HispanicAd

P.S. Thanks for all that called to see how I was doing.  They just don't tell you how much it will hurt after the operation and therapy is humbling.

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