October 24, 2017

AIMM Members Address Industry Progress at 2017 ANA Multicultural & Diversity Conference

The 2017 ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference is two weeks away. The theme, “Growth Drivers: Diverse Consumers & Diverse Talent,” is meant to arm attendees with tools to counter anemic growth rates plaguing the industry. Over the past year, ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive & Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) has been at the forefront of addressing these challenges. The alliance has leveraged the collective strengths of marketing visionaries from a cross section of industries, professionals whose commitment to excellence and results is at the heart of their appreciation of the importance of segment specific insights and initiatives.

When asked about AIMM’s impact, Bill Duggan, ANA’s Group EVP, stated that “For ANA members, success would be reflected in business growth.  Another key barometer for success will be how this group expands. We have all heard the term ‘preaching to the choir’ when it comes to multicultural marketing.  We see many of the same people and same companies, year after year.  That group needs to be expanded.  There are still, amazingly, many companies/brands who haven’t embraced multicultural marketing.  AIMM can be a bit of a business development team for the industry and provide the rationale and toolkit to help those currently sitting on the side lines get involved.”

HispanicAd knows how seriously AIMM’s founding members take their responsibility to ensure that multicultural marketing is well understood and fully embraced as a growth engine. We look forward to the robust roster of AIMM members who will be speaking throughout ANA’s upcoming Miami conference. We are pleased to bring HispanicAd readers some exclusive interviews in advance of their presentations and are particularly pleased to begin with David Cardona, Director of Multicultural Capabilities, Clorox,  whose career was launched in Puerto Rico. A reminder that among those impacted by Hurricane Maria are the next generation of advertising and marketing professionals, a vibrant community of talent in need of our continued support.

David Cardona  - Director of Multicultural Capabilities, Clorox

1. What is your first memory of multicultural marketing?

I was working for JWT in Puerto Rico and they opened up a Hispanic Marketing department to handle Domino’s Pizza in the US focused on Hispanics – all based out of Puerto Rico.

2. What was your first professional experience in multicultural marketing?

I was transferred from Colgate Palmolive Puerto Rico to New York to manage the Multicultural business for CP in 2006.

3. When AIMM is successful, what will Segment Specific (aka MC) Marketing 2020 look like?

Truly inclusive marketing.  Nirvana will be when businesses are focused on doing what is right to effectively market in a multicultural nation.

4. Why should marketers to be part of AIMM?  

Marketing has experienced heavy transformation over the last years.  It is more difficult to stay on top of trends and capabilities – AIMM makes thought leadership available to me and my team – AIMM brings value added and progressive thinking to the table.

5. Why should agencies want to be a part of AIMM?  

For those same reasons.

6. What does AIMM’s success mean to consumers?

More personalized messaging … no waste. I only get “hit” by messaging that matters to me.

7. In a single sentence, what should readers know about what’s happening at AIMM?

Progressive thinking led by industry leaders.

8. Who is doing great work in the Multicultural Marketing space?

Why do you think the work deserves recognition?  McDonalds has done good work to integrate multicultural insights into Innovation.  I think the car industry has also achieved great progress over the last 3-5 years. I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that Clorox certainly is showing leadership as well.

9. What is AIMM doing that is different from other industry initiatives?

It is real, focused and takes into account that companies are in different stages in their Multicultural journeys.

10. What are AIMM’s short term and potentially long term achievements?  

Going after a few critical things that can be fixed now and serving as visionaries for the best multicultural marketing techniques.

To view the growing list of AIMM members CLICK HERE.



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