July 09, 2019

By Justin Rubenstein and Carlos Rodriguez - Richards / Lerma

In the spirit of this Pride month, the Richards/Lerma team has written a really interesting white paper about Generation Z and their views of sexual identification and sexual orientation – and key takeaways re: gender identity and sexual diversity for brands and advertising professionals.

Brands and advertising professionals have myriad opportunities to cater to Gen Z’s desire for individual recognition, especially through the lens of diversity and inclusion. Although this concept resonates best in June to correspond with Pride month, advertisers should expect this trend to endure well beyond June.

More members of Gen Z are reaching the age of majority and represent a growing market for advertisers. They are markedly different from their predecessors, especially in their approaches to life. Whereas Millennials value experiences, Gen Zs value self-expression. It is through this perspective that Gen Z emphasizes its acceptance of diverse gender identities and sexual orientations.

To download report CLICK HERE.



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