August 12, 2017

In an era of hyper-segmentation and personalization, can mainstream marketing still provide total relevance?

The Backdrop:  The concept of mainstream is obsolete. It comes from a simpler time, when the U.S. population was less diverse. The overwhelming majority was non-Hispanic, White, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant, and, relatively speaking, the population was much more economically secure. The media was far less fragmented, where programming reflected traditional American values and the news covered primarily concentrated on domestic, local stories.  Corporations had fewer brands, each with one single message strategy targeting one-mass consumer audience through a media plan comprised of the usual vehicles: TV, radio, magazines and newspapers.  Niche audiences certainly existed, often with customized messaging strategies to help build relevance and interest, but the priority was always the mainstream.

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Courtesy of d' expósito & Partners



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