March 25, 2017

Effective marketers seek a balance between preferences in common across major segments and leveraging nuances that may increase segment relevancy and act as more direct triggers to purchase by connecting at a deeper emotional level with segments. The real question is whether homogeneous vs. targeted messages would attain the needed relevance level to cause additional prospects to purchase. Marketing to Millennials is no exception to this conundrum. Millennials were not created equal in political outlook, mindset, consumer behavior or brand predisposition. Demographically, half of Latina Millennials and Non-Hispanic White Millennial Women are married but two-thirds of Latinas have children vs only half of those Non-Hispanic. Yet, demographics is only at the surface of any segmentation.

The crux of persuasion is in psychographics. As we expand our understanding of mindsets, attitudes and culture, we enhance the opportunities for effective communications. Recently, Santiago Solutions Group (SSG) applied statistical tests to thousands of mindsets and attitudes contrasting Latina Millennials and their Non-Hispanic White counterparts. We identified pillars of significant nuances and magnified them through our archive of Millennial research across categories.

For once we found that Latina Millennials are more upwardly mobile, more optimistic and determined to advance their social and financial status. In respect to career progression, Latina Millennials have a stronger drive to get to the top of their professions while also more passionate about having fun in their lives –play and work hard!  

We also found fascinating that two national movements associated with Non-Hispanics are largely led by Latina Millennials. Latina Millennials show higher Environmental ideology, higher awareness of environmental issues, concern about global warming and the kind of planet that we leave to our children. Likewise, Latina Millennials are more engaged in the Healthy Movement in ways such as preparing more meals from scratch, seeking more ways to live healthy including exercising and not relying on medicines at the first sign of discomfort.

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About SSG:
We guide clients’ growth strategies leveraging advanced consumer research, marketing & sales analytics, ‘size of the prize’ scenario planning, innovative segmentations and predictive modeling.  Our end goal is to enhance clients’ marketing effectiveness and sustainable total growth through actionable & ‘ownable’ business and consumer segments insights.  By leveraging Client-side and Consulting experience, we arm clients and agencies with intelligence, drivers to purchase, customer journeys and strategic pathways across marketing Ps aligned with the highest ROI options for Gen Z, Millennial, Multicultural, Hispanic, African American, Asian American and Total Market.



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