As advanced analytics capabilities have emerged as an enabler of success, we are now seeing new paradigms in how marketing campaigns are measured and investment decisions are made.

Newlink America released The Case for Culturally Competent Health Marketing, a white paper that addresses the importance of cultural competency in health care marketing.

Several years ago, I bought my wife a new smartphone for her birthday. While her original reaction implied disappointment and disinterest, it didn’t take long for this feature-rich phone to become an integral part of her everyday life.

Grocers, like other retailers, are increasingly aware of both the challenges and opportunities presented by technology.

CIOs appear to be more committed to greater collaboration than CMOs, according to the report, The CMO-CIO Disconnect.

Hispanic Customer Experience Satisfaction is often Higher than Non-Hispanic YET Churn Rate is often Higher. What?

It’s no surprise that auto industry is in trouble, particularly when it comes to teens. Young drivers continue to drive less, buy fewer cars, and make more use of alternate forms of transportation than in years past.

We've all participated in the annual rite of passage that is brand planning sessions for the upcoming year. You know the drill -- cross-functional agencies and brand managers sitting together in a room with one big calendar.  

A record number of 21.6 million Millennials are currently described by the U.S. Census as living at home, and they have become the fodder of late-night comedians. They are described as living in their parents’ basements, spending all their time on Facebook and wasting their days as the “boomerang generation.” The reality of the situation of adult children returning home is often much more positive than is portrayed in the media. A topic that has not been well explored is the opportunity to market to the parents of these young adults, especially their moms, who may be relishing having their children back for a while, knowing it is a time that will likely pass too soon.

Brand stretch involves expanding the offering beyond the brand’s ‘core’. More specifically, it involves launching new products and/or services under an existing brand name, typically into adjacent categories, or into totally new offers and categories.

Labor Day is just a few weeks away. After the unofficial end to summer, the floodgates will open to fall festivities, Halloween, and the winter holidays. Now is the time for brands to consider how they will reach moms during this valuable time of year.

The marketing community has been closely monitoring the evolution of the path to purchase and its impact on not only reaching, but influencing and engaging consumers. P2P has become a key reference point for media planning, resulting in major changes to the way consumers buy and the way marketers plan their campaigns. In this "new media mix," consumers have emerged as a critical partner in media planning.

The results of the survey revealed an increased awareness of content marketing since last year, with marketers more frequently putting formal content marketing programs in place. 78 percent of respondents stating that they are somewhat familiar or very familiar with content marketing (up 13 percent), and nearly half (49 percent) reported having a formal content marketing strategy in place.

How do you effectively leverage online advertising to build your brand? There are a lot of opinions floating around, but what really works? In January of 2013, Vizu partnered with the CMO Council to assess the potential for the industry in 2013 and identify best practices for leveraging your online brand advertising.

Often treated as an afterthought by marketers and agencies alike, the 15-second TV spot is usually just a cut down version of the 30-second spot, rarely copy tested, but assumed to be at least 50 percent as good as the :30 from which it’s derived.