March 23, 2001

The Coca-Cola Company launched a new advertising campaign for its flagship soft drink, which celebrates the positive values of the brand in stories of everyday life.

Using the theme, "Life Tastes Good," the campaign includes 30 30-second television spots depicting a wide range of people, moods and situations. The stories, whether about teenagers on a train after a concert, surfers who live in Maine, a grandfather and young adult grandson coming to a meeting of the minds, the chaos surrounding a young bride on the day of her wedding, or a rock music star backstage before an encore, all underscore the integral and upbeat role that Coke plays in the lives of people around the world.

"Our new celebratory campaign reclaims the Coca-Cola brand's roots, its values, its sensitivity and its rightful place in the minds and hearts of people," said Steve Jones, Chief Marketing Officer for The Coca-Cola Company. "As these commercials show, Coca-Cola belongs in stories about the true soul of everyday life. These stories express feelings of optimism, of brightness, of spirit."

For more than 100 years, storytelling has been at the heart of the Coca-Cola brand. This new campaign, "Life Tastes Good," builds on the tradition of capturing special moments in people's lives. The campaign includes TV, radio, outdoor and print executions featuring people telling stories about special moments in their lives where Coke enriched and enhanced those experiences.

"Storytelling is at the heart of this campaign," said Nick Bishop, vice president of Consumer Connections for The Coca-Cola Company. "When people tell stories about important moments of their lives -- big ones and small ones -- they often describe a scene where Coca-Cola was present. There's something magical about that, and the new campaign captures it.

"We are telling stories that are natural and honest -- not contrived or over the top in their theatricality -- because the power of Coca-Cola is in the authentic way it can connect people to themselves, to others, and to a culture that it is part of."

The Coca-Cola Company's approach to the development of this campaign demonstrates its commitment and ability to combine the best of local and worldwide perspectives. The scripts were designed and executed in one of the local markets in line with a centrally crafted "strategic brand space." Countries also were free to create their own advertising consistent with the overall Coca-Cola conceptual framework. Advertisements were produced simultaneously around the globe, and each will debut on the same day in their respective markets.

According to Jones, the music is one of the most dynamic parts of the new campaign and reinforces the fact that "Coke is part of the soundtrack of life." The music also will be adapted to fit local cultures and tastes.

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