January 12, 2001

The name Conexión/ele has been selected for the Latino marketing unit affiliated with Slingshot, LLC in Dallas. The group is comprised of the account service and creative teams formerly at Grupo Cuatro Publicidad, the Hispanic managed division of Berry Brown Advertising.

Conexión/ele has been established as an independent minority-owned company under the leadership of co-managing partners Maribel Larrañaga and Angela Carrales.

The agency will capitalize on the increasing need for Latino interactive marketing services while continuing to provide traditional advertising and marketing capabilities. Conexión/ele offers clients sound marketing solutions while remaining true to Latino culture. Owen Hannay, president of Slingshot, said, “Slingshot is pleased to be associated with Conexión/ele. Our clients recognize the importance of reaching the Latino target and now we’re well equipped to help them.”

Conexión/ele (“ele” being the Spanish word for the letter L) means connecting with Latino consumers. “With today’s changing technological environment, we can connect with Latino consumers whether it’s via traditional media, at the community level through grass roots efforts or in the interactive arena,” says Angela Carrales. “Bottom line, our name says it all: connection with our target, connection with our clients, that's Conexión/ele," says Maribel Larrañaga.

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