January 19, 2001

HBC Los Angeles, Inc., a subsidiary of Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation and La Agencia de Orci & Asociados, announced the launch of a highly targeted direct mail campaign in Fortune magazine.

The campaign aims to increase corporate America's awareness of the highly lucrative Hispanic market.

The campaign's primary goal is to inform corporate leaders of the necessity of marketing to Hispanics. Annual consumer expenditures by U.S. Hispanics are over $400 billion and are projected to grow to almost $1 trillion during this decade. HBC Los Angeles' message is that Hispanic marketing can make a difference in meeting bottom-line targets. The secondary goal of the campaign is to build brand awareness for HBC Los Angeles.

La Agencia de Orci developed six multi-page, English-language inserts for Fortune that will be mailed to key corporate decision-makers over a six-month period. CEOs, CFOs, COOs, executive vice presidents, and marketing managers from 190 companies will receive copies of Fortune with the insert enclosed.

The campaign uses dramatic illustrations to help corporate leaders visualize the potential of how changing demographics and market conditions will affect future business growth. Each insert depicts a large target (i.e. massive bulls-eye on a dart board, a huge hole on a golf course, etc.) to represent the size of the Hispanic market and how the "opportunities are too big to miss."

"The fastest growing consumer base in the U.S. is the Hispanic market," noted Gary Stone senior vice president and chief operating officer of HBC, Inc. "Yet many general market companies have yet to fully embrace the power of Hispanic consumerism. We selected Fortune for the media buy because its audience is comprised of top-level executives who have been successful at identifying opportunities for growth."

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