May 10, 2008

The media and entertainment industry is facing its largest and most daunting transformation. As technology is enabling ubiquitous media, the audience is shifting its consumption habits. As this year's Content Study shows, content creators and distributors are adapting.

The Accenture Global Content Study, now in its third year, surveyed more than 100 leaders and decision-makers in the media and entertainment industry.

Key findings of this year's study include:

- Consensus about the direction in which digital market is developing, where the opportunities lie and what will drive revenue of the next five years.
- 63 percent of companies are pursuing a multi-platform distribution strategy.
- Over one-third of the respondents expect to see significant revenues from social media and user-generated content within three years.
- 84 percent of respondents expect mobile rich media to become mass market, representing the largest growth opportunity for media and entertainment firms.
- Half of those interviewed see digital advertising eclipsing traditional advertising within 5 years.

However, the rate of change is slower than originally anticipated. While there's general consensus on which direction to go the speed of getting there has been slow for most organizations.

To view complete report CLICK on link below (Adobe Acrobat Reader required):>


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