November 02, 2011

The internet is the new Sunday paper, with two thirds of Americans now learning about in-store deals online, according to the latest Audience Insight Survey from interclick. The survey explored consumer awareness of online and print circulars, the effect of exposure on in-store traffic and the types of deals that drive consumers to stores.

For many retailers, online leads to in store visits. 42% of consumers prefer online advertising to newspapers and other sources, and those consumers who see in-store deals online are more likely to visit, especially to electronics, grocery, drug, department, and clothing retailers.

This is particularly true for the 18-34 demographic, of which 51% prefer to find in-store deals online versus browsing the Sunday paper or searching individual retail Web sites. Additionally, as household income increases, so does preference to learn about deals online. These consumers have greater access to mobile technology like tablets and smartphones, which gives marketers broader opportunities to reach affluent audiences and leads to 53% of $100,000 or more households finding their deals online.

Male Equals Sale

Interestingly, the survey yielded an unexpected gender discrepancy, finding men to be more bargain hungry than women. Across all categories, except one day sales, men are more likely to take advantage of in-store deals. This is especially true around the holidays with 60% of men lining up for a good buy. Men are also more likely to visit electronics and grocery stores after seeing eCirculars, while women visit wholesale and clothing retailers.

Not All Sales Created Equally

Everyone likes a deal, but not all circulars drive Americans to shop. Consumers who visit retailers after viewing print circulars are more attracted to one-day sales and opportunities to earn rewards points, while eCircular store visitors are more motivated by entire purchase discounts and "buy one, get one free" offers. These visitors are also attracted to deals on "big ticket" items, so whether it's a 60" LCD or other major buy, entire purchase discounts appeal to 40% of those looking for eCirculars deals.

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