January 19, 2001

InternetMercado.com Inc. announced that it has signed a revenue share and distribution deal with SoloElla.com. Under the terms of the agreement, SoloElla.com will supply content for LaBolsita.com in exchange for a share of sponsorship and coupon redemption revenues.

In the novel and open marketing agreement, both organizations work together to build up the circulation of the weekly email newsletter, LaBolsita.com, currently reaching 100,000 Hispanic email accounts. SoloElla provides content to the entire distribution of LaBolsita while InternetMercado monetizes their respective databases.

"This is win-win all around. InternetMercado will build critical mass and open it up to the entire industry," stated Marcelino Miyares, President of InternetMercado. "Like us, SoloElla.com recognizes that the Internet is fundamentally a direct marketing and relationship medium."

Each party will package sponsorships that include each other's inventory. "We are leading by example. We have built up a quality membership and look forward to growing and monetizing it with LaBolsita.com," said Johan Depraetere, CEO of SoloElla.com.

SoloElla.com is a vertical portal targeting a key demographic target for LaBolsita.com newsletter, professional Hispanic women. The quality of its content and the fact that it is the only bilingual portal of its kind make it an ideal vehicle for the promotion of online direct marketing campaigns.

The program is scheduled to launch on April 4th. In addition to SoloElla content, the weekly bilingual webcast will feature coupons and direct marketing offers, much like InternetMercado's current offline door-to-door program known as La Bolsita. As a "digital" promotional program however, LaBolsita.com is distributed via email to targeted Hispanic coupon clippers and online responders. Opt-in subscription is projected to grow among US based immigrants to an estimated 500,000 users within 18 months.

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