June 01, 2002

During the Los Angeles Direct Marketing Association's DM Expo 2002 on June 19 at Los Angeles Convention Center, Leon Potasinski, SVP, Director Marketing Services for La Agencia de Orcí & Asociados, highlighted how to reach Latinos effectively through direct marketing.

In his presentation "Direct Marketing to Hispanics: Business As Usual?" Mr. Potasinski explained how direct marketing to Latinos differs from that geared towards the general market. There are crucial differences regarding language, visual elements, product consumption, media options, response rates, costs and metrics when targeting the lucrative U.S. Latino consumer market. He also shared real-life case studies from clients to help attendees realize their share of the $630 billion in spending power this market represents.

Mr. Potasinski began his presentation by revisiting recent Census numbers indicating that, by the year 2025, Latinos will make up 19% of the U.S. population. He also addressed how immigration and domestic migration will continue because 1.) the labor demand in the U.S. 2.) the volatile economies and the political/social instability in countries of the immigrants' origins, and 3.) the immigrants' ties with U.S. residents.

During his presentation, he referred to information from Cultural Access Group explaining the differences in attitudes and values between U.S. Anglos and Latinos. One example from this chart demonstrates that, in regards to what is valued in a relationship, Anglos stress balance, harmony, competition and informality while Latinos stress respect, cooperation and formality.

Mr. Potasinski also covered how U.S. Latinos will continue to expect to receive communications in Spanish because 2/3 of them were born outside the U.S. There is a strong desire, among U.S. Latinos, to preserve their cultural identity. Also, the multi-lingual communications and ease of travel in the U.S. allows them to rely on Spanish. In describing effective direct mail creative, he stated that bilingual direct mail pieces perform well, unless the target is clearly identified as "Spanish-preferred." Mr. Potasinski stressed that successful telemarketing centers must have bilingual operators. Managers should keep in mind the fact that Latino calls usually last longer than a response in English.

The case studies Mr. Potasinski discussed in his presentation demonstrated how La Agencia de Orcí & Asociados utilizes their Share of Heart marketing philosophy to uncover the crucial emotional links between a product or brand and the Latino consumer. The agency then leverages those links and their understanding of how to direct market to Latinos in its clients' messaging and communications.

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