August 10, 2002

Valassis, determined what a coupon shopper looks like in its September Consumer Navigator. The monthly report developed statistics that identify characteristics of coupon shoppers. The study found that:

* Coupon Shoppers are Stable, Big Spenders:

-- 48% of coupon shoppers have a household income of more than $50,000.
-- 28% of coupon shoppers spend $120+ in an average week on groceries.
-- 58% of coupon shoppers use their coupons at grocery stores.
-- 63% of coupons shoppers are married.

* Coupon Shoppers are Well Educated:

-- 38% of coupon shoppers have either an Associates, Bachelors or Post Graduate degree.
-- 56% of coupon shoppers are book lovers.
-- 72% of coupon shoppers read the newspaper.
-- 48% of coupon shoppers get coupons from the color coupon booklet distributed in Sunday newspapers.

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