April 14, 2001

CreatAbility's CreatASail, a day-long sailing and education program for disabled and disadvantaged children at the Shake-A-Leg/Miami water-sports and recreation facility located at 2600 Bayshore Dr. in Coconut Grove.

Five CreatAbility employees, who have already given of their time to advance the Shake-A-Leg mission -- bringing hope, self-confidence and greater independence to people with disabilities -assisted 22 physically handicapped students from West Homestead Elementary and Tropical Elementary as well as 20 inner-city students from Golden Glades Elementary's Community Crusade Against Drugs in the sail.

Before embarking, students received an introduction to sailing, including a description of the boats and a lesson in maritime history. Children also learned about Biscayne Bay history, wind direction and environmental issues.

CreatASail was part of the agency's Four More! days, sponsored by The Piggy Bank Fund, CreatAbility's charitable foundation and cause related marketing program. Through the Piggy Bank Fund®, CreatAbility gives personnel a full day off each quarter to do charity work without any interruptions. This is in addition to the agency's Eight is Great! program, which allows employees to give up to eight hours a month to the charity of their choice on company time.

The all-day event came as CreatAbility is poised to launch a cause related marketing track following on the success of the Piggy Bank Fund, which will make social issues an integral part of corporate business strategy by linking companies with appropriate causes to fuel their advertising, pr and internal branding messages.

There were two sails: one in the morning with physically disabled students from Miami-Dade County Public School's Physically Adaptive Physical Education Department, and another in the afternoon which included students from Golden Glades Elementary's Community Crusade Against Drugs.

"We're very fortunate to be able to help Shake-A-Leg help others - that's the essence of social entrepreneurialism and what we hope to promote through The Piggy Bank Fund and our cause related marketing track," said Teddi Alyce Segal, Director of Branding for CreatAbility, who helped organize CreatASail.

We at salute CreatAbility and it's staff for the time and effort they dedicate towards helping their community.

Lourdes Cue @ CreatAbility
Meredith Bass @ CreatAbility
Teddi Segal @ CreatAbility

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