February 01, 2001

Esperanza exists to help meet the needs of communities in Latin America.

In 1995 Seattle Mariner and Broadcaster David Valle and his wife Vicki founded Esperanza, with the commitment to improve lives and give hope to the very poor in Latin American Communities. The Valles first concern was helping the children; they soon realized the best and most effective way to help children is to help their families.

Many current and former Major League Baseball Players have come along side the Valles to support Esperanza's work both financially and with the donation of their time. A few of these players include: Edgar Martinez, Juan Gonzales, Omar Vizquel, Tino Martinez, Jay Buhner, Harold Reynolds, Rusty Greer, Omar Minaya, Dan Wilson, Moises Alou, Randy Johnson, and Lou Piniella.

The corporate community has also been very involved in Esperanza's work. Large corporations such as Conseco, Van Kampen; Merrill Lynch; Pinnacle Realty; UPS; Tully's Coffee; and The Seattle Mariners support Esperanza and see that Esperanza is making a difference.

Esperanza has given hope to thousands of families in Latin American Communities through programs, which are providing:

-- Job training and employment opportunities

-- Education

-- Healthcare

-- Low-interest business loans

-- Partnerships

One of the most effective services Esperanza provides is helping men and women develop small businesses. Esperanza offers access to low-interest business loans and provides business training so individuals can start their own small business or income-generating service. Micro-enterprise is the cornerstone for enabling individuals and communities to use their skills, talents and energy to meet their own needs. Through a system that focuses on training and personal responsibility we have seen families significantly increase their income, and take responsibility for the well being of their children.

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