April 14, 2001

The NAAHP announced that it officially kicks off its grassroots campaign to reach the 35 million Hispanics nationwide.
The platform employed by the organization is that Hispanics/Latinos represent 13% of the population and do not feature an equal or fair representation of that figure in the American political, economic or societal landscapes. The NAAHP is also launching a buying consortium that expects to provide significant discounts and promotional offerings to its membership. The goal is to leverage the 500 billion dollars spent by Hispanics/Latinos last year alone into programs and initiatives that better the community.

The mission of the NAAHP is to achieve social and economic justice and equality for Hispanics and Latinos in order to advance their health, education, employment, economic prosperity, standard of living and public respect. The objective is to heighten awareness concerning issues that directly affect Hispanics and Latinos and to become a primary force in lobbying for those rights. The establishment of policy in government, as well as in corporate America, that better reflects the Hispanic/Latino community will be the key message point.

The inability of the Hispanic/Latino community to unite under one focused movement has been the main obstacle in efforts to upgrade their quality of life in America. The NAAHP recognizes this impediment and hopes to neutralize it by assisting Hispanics in recognizing their collective size and potential political power and economic influence. The NAAHP expects to realize its goal as the driver of a unified movement by creating alliances and leveraging key spokespersons in the community to meet its goal of one million members nationwide by the end of the fiscal year.

The NAAHP Buyer's Club objective is to provide access to fair and affordable products and services to Hispanics and Latinos via only those companies that endorse Hispanic/Latino interests. Members will receive referral and entry into corporations that not only save the consumer money but also reinvest a portion of that money into the community in the form of higher-level jobs and in substantive business opportunities. The goal in creating and establishing this type of a
relationship is to insure Hispanic/Latino dollars and buying power better stabilize financial security, development, and economic and social opportunities for Hispanics and Latinos at all economic levels.

The NAAHP is a private, national organization dedicated to the economic progress, political involvement and social advancement of Hispanics and Latinos in the United States. The NAAHP expects to aid Hispanics by providing strategy, critical thinking and leadership on important issues and publicly endorsing candidates for public office that support the Hispanic community. The NAAHP will serve as the primary vehicle for the movement and as the chief spokesperson and liaison for the Hispanic/Latino community.

Michael Gonzalez Angel
Founder & President
National Association for the Advancement of Hispanic People

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