November 02, 2011

Mobile Posse, Inc. announced that the its latest survey, polling nearly 175,000 consumers, revealed that radio and mobile music listening are neck-in-neck.

According to the digital audio experts at TargetSpot, the world's largest digital audio ad network, not only are consumers listening more at home and in the office, but on tablets, mobile phones and PCs1. And while terrestrial radio remains strong, it's the online broadcast and/or pureplay stations that are gaining clicks and listenership.

Similarly, Mobile Posse reports that nearly 60% of consumers listen to music on the go: at home, in the office, on their commute, and at the gym. When it comes to online music services, 35% of consumers choose Pandora as the clear favorite, followed by Rhapsody,, Spotify and Slacker. While 89 million weekly listeners tune into online radio2, according to Mobile Posse's survey, many are not willing to pay for a music service. 63% of consumers would consider paying for a music service, while nearly 20% adamantly refuse, preferring free ad-supported music.

“Mobile is becoming a clear leader in music consumption, as it provides numerous channels for listening to and discovering new music,” said Nathan Hamme, Analyst with Mobile Posse. “Between already available music apps, streaming radio, podcasts and personal music libraries, consumers find drastically better customization and portability in this new generation of mobile phones. And when it comes to empowering users to discover new music, mobile must be a key aspect in any promoter’s marketing arsenal.”

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