April 29, 2002

RMS Networks, a provider of digital video programming and on-site media solutions to major retailers, announced that it has successfully launched a new network, AAPN Hispanic, which will be broadcast in selected Advance Auto Parts retail stores. Currently, programs are running in over 400 Advance Auto Parts stores nationwide. Advance Auto Parts is the second-largest auto parts chain in the nation.

AAPN Hispanic joins the existing Advance Auto Parts Network (AAPN). Designed to educate and inform consumers and employees, AAPN is an entertainment, news, automotive, sports, and marketing channel first installed in April 1999 and now available in 1,900 of the retailer's stores, reaching 156 million consumers annually.

"The Network continues to meet and exceed our primary objectives and expectations," explains Jack Fisher, Associate Director of AAPN. "AAPN has helped our vendors who advertise on the network achieve excellent results, and our formats that are designed to educate and inform both our customers and store employees are working extremely well."

AAPN Hispanic is a hybrid of English and Spanish-language content. The programming on the network is a mix of 100% Spanish-language programming and English content that contains a Hispanic subtext or influence.

Advance Auto Parts has agreed to let a limited number of sponsors participate on AAPN Hispanic. "After carefully building what we feel is the correct programming model to reach our stores that have a heavy Hispanic customer base, we are extremely encouraged and impressed by the response we have been getting to this special Hispanic feed on AAPN," explains Fisher of Advance Auto Parts. "AAPN provides a niche, in-store marketing tool that supports and mirrors the overall Advance Auto Parts marketing strategy against this important customer segment."

Univision and its broadcast television network Telefutura, join AAPN Hispanic as a strategic programming partner. Telefutura is producing two pieces of content per day for the in-store TV network: a daily movie trailer promoting their evening movie, Cine de las Estrellas, and a daily sports recap from their evening sports show Contacto Deportivo de Budweiser, title-sponsored by Budweiser.

"We are pleased that our clients are utilizing the capabilities of our proprietary content management and delivery system to maximize the promotional impact in their stores," says Jason Kates, CEO of RMS Networks. "Our Network Control System® gives us the ability to customize content on a per-store basis, and gives our clients the powerful flexibility to deliver branded messaging to their consumers at the point of decision."

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