October 11, 2008

Arbitron Inc. announced that EYE, the mall media specialist, has signed an agreement with Arbitron Custom Research to measure the effectiveness of mall-based advertisements and the psychographics of EYE mall shoppers.

Arbitron will conduct on-site mall surveys in multiple markets across the United States. This study will be comprised of two parts: adult and teen. The adult study will evaluate the effectiveness of EYE advertising based on demographic information as well as specific questions concerning shopping behavior, shopper segmentation and advertising appeal.

The exit interviews conducted with teenagers will develop Teen Shopper Profiles. In addition to the components of the adult survey, the Teen Shopper Profiles will include media usage, consumer category attitudes and intentions and advertising effectiveness specifically for teens.

“Out-of-home advertisers are looking for new ways to understand unique place-based media,” said Carol Edwards, Senior Vice President, Arbitron Custom Research. “In particular, advertisers want to reach teens now to begin building their brand awareness. This custom study will gauge the effectiveness of EYE’s platform to provide advertisers with the tools they need to target their audience.”

“This study goes beyond mere demographics and aims to provide advertisers with further accountability and insight into the behavior and triggers of the valuable shopper audience,” commented David Gibbs, CEO, EYE USA. “EYE is excited to partner with Arbitron on this innovative study.”

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