December 22, 2002

Premier Retail Networks, Inc. (PRN) announced the results of its most recent media surveys for the Wal-Mart Television Network which consists of TV's hanging throughout the store and the wall of televisions in the Home Entertainment Department. The studies were conducted by Nielsen Media Research (NMR).

Recently released results from Nielsen's September 2002 study highlight a 104% increase in Wal-Mart Television viewership per store (among persons 12+ as compared to Nielsen's May 2001 study). According to the new study the network delivers 55,604 gross impressions per store for the 4-week period measured by Nielsen.

Mark Mitchell, Executive Vice President of Advertising Sales at PRN, commented, "The Wal-Mart Television Network will be installed in over 2,408 Wal-Mart stores in 2003. Based on these latest results, we project that this Network will deliver over 133 million gross impressions per 4 week flight." The September study was conducted in 34 geographically dispersed stores and included interviews with 3,627 shoppers.

A separate study conducted in April 2002, showed that the average unaided + aided brand recall for 5 test brands broadcast on the Wal-Mart Television Network was 66.4 percent among the modeled commercial audience(1). Based upon generally available industry data, this compares favorably to an industry average of 24 percent for in-home television ads.(5) The study found that shopper attitudes toward the Wal-Mart Television Network were extremely positive, with 86 percent of viewers agreeing that the network is a good thing for Wal-Mart to offer its customers and 81 percent agreeing that the network is informative. The April study was conducted in 51 geographically dispersed stores.

Mr. Mitchell commented, "Over the past year, we have enhanced the programming and advertising on the Wal-Mart TV Network and we are extremely pleased to see that reflected in the results of these studies. We deliver an incredibly attractive CPM based on our reach, demographics and brand recall."

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