December 21, 2010

Telmar announced the first ever market level planning systems for out of home media using the landmark TAB Eyes-On metrics. Clients of Telmar's software systems are now able to integrate market level data, working up from site level planning to execute media plans.

Telmar announces the complete integration of the Traffic Audit Bureau's (TAB) Eyes-On Data into its suite of media planning services. Telmar's integration of Eyes-On data allows advertisers, planners, and buyers the opportunity to fully realize the impact of outdoor advertising. With this additional level of integration available, Telmar now has the only system that allows media planners to refine a general plan and evaluate the pluses and minuses of specific units or schedules.

Using the Eyes-On Data in Telmar systems, buying services like Posterscope USA can use traditional media metrics such as % reach, average frequency, TRPS, and compare cost efficiencies using CPMs and CPPs. These industry-standard measurements for out of home facilitate bringing outdoor easily into the media mix, with common denominators to other forms of media.

"The expansion of Telmar's applications into the realm of general media planning significantly extends the value of the system beyond out of home buyers and into the general planning community," said Joe Philport, president, Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement. "Detailed information and summary information are now combined into a single system that will be essential for considering outdoor in multimedia planning."

"Out of home media is going through its largest change in decades. We finally have data that allows us to compare it equally to other forms of media," said Chris Gagen, SVP Managing Director, Posterscope. "Telmar provides the industry with a great tool for buyers enabling them to sift through massive amounts of optimized data to easily create plans that meet new communication goals."

"The power of Telmar has always been to help the industry take layers of complex data and be able to extract an impactful media plan," said Stan Federman, Chairman and CEO, Telmar. "Telmar has the only system that media planners can use to refine a general plan based on site level and market level summary information. Until now, the industry has not been able to provide data that allows outdoor to easily "compete" for resources across the media landscape. We're delighted to be able to roll up out of home planning to market level for immediate use in executing schedules."


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