July 16, 2011

Passengers of the Los Angeles County Metro bus system now can watch full episodes of One Economy's web-series, Los Americans, delivered in shortened segments through the Transit TV broadcast network Monday through Friday. Hollywood icon Robert Townsend, cast members of Los Americans and representatives from One Economy and Transit TV hosted a screening of the series and answered questions today for a preview event onboard a Los Angeles County bus.

Los Americans, which features the Valenzuelas, a multi-generational middle-income Mexican-American family living in Los Angeles, is the first series of this kind to be featured on Transit TV. The Valenzuela family deals with many issues facing American families today, including unemployment, cultural identity and alcoholism.

"One Economy is truly meeting people where they are by bringing this program to Los Angeles County Metro bus riders," said Alan Greenlee, Vice President of Programs, One Economy. "This series is an engaging drama that will help millions of riders take action to improve their lives and make informed decisions."

The series features Latino-Americans in a realistic and complex manner seldom seen on television or the Internet. Following each episode, viewers are directed to online tools, information and resources to help them find solutions for the issues featured in the episodes.

The series is written and directed by Dennis Leoni, who is best known for having created and produced the award-winning television series Resurrection Blvd. for Showtime. Los Americans feature Esai Morales (Caprica, Jericho, La Mamba), Lupe Ontiveros (Southland, Family Guy) Raymond Cruz (The Closer, Breaking Bad) and Tony Plana (Ugly Betty, 24).

Los Americans also airs on One Economy's Public Internet Channel. The series is an original production of One Economy Corporation and its video production company, V-Studios, which is managed by award-winning director, Robert Townsend.

"Los Americans gives a realistic portrayal of the Latino-American experience," said Robert Townsend, Producer/Director, V-Studios. "The beauty is we've never seen this kind of family on television and now it will appear for millions of riders on the Los Angeles Metro bus system each week day. Transit TV is another innovative way to distribute engaging programs to a large audience."

"Transit TV is pleased to offer this series, which speaks to so many of the issues facing our riders in an entertaining way," said Maurice Vanegas, CEO of Transit TV. "We look forward to eventually expanding these types of programming opportunities for transit riders in other cities across the United States."


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