September 06, 2005

Viacom Outdoor hosted its second Marketing Edge seminar, “Using the Right Sazon,” on Sept 27th in Chicago. Created by Viacom Outdoor as a source of educational seminars on Latino marketing and media in the 21st century, the Marketing Edge seminars aim to educate advertisers on the importance and potential advantages in Hispanic marketing.

Featured speakers of this year’s conference included Eduardo Casas, Director of Marketing, Heineken USA; Gustavo de Melo, Director of Strategic Planning, Lapiz USA; John Burn, VP/Managing Director, The Marketing Bodega; Arthur Rockwell, Vice President of Sales – Latino Division; Viacom Outdoor; and Jerry Hough, President, Primera Latino Marketing. These executives gave their expertise on Hispanic marketing, focusing on Latino lifestyle, case studies of successful Latino marketing campaigns, creative and innovative marketing strategies and the key factors in Hispanic marketing.

Hispanic buying power continues to rapidly grow in major U.S. markets, including Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and Miami. The Hispanic population’s buying power in the United States is expected to reach $634 billion by 2006, according to The U.S. Hispanic Market, yet few marketing campaigns focus on the Latino market.

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