May 26, 2013

mun2 won three Promax Awards at the 2013 PromaxBDA North America Promotion Marketing and Design Awards on Thursday June 20. The leading Hispanic cable network received one Gold award in the “Public Service Announcement Campaign” category for its “Hispanic Heritage” spot, a Silver Award in the Adult Rated Program category for its “12 Corazones (12 Hearts) – Safe Sax” spot, and a Bronze Award in the “On-Air Illustration” category for “Scenarios.” The awards were presented at the JW Marriott in Los Angeles.

The PromaxBDA awards celebrate excellence, creativity and innovation in broadcast media and are voted on by the PromaxBDA Board of Directors and a select group of past Gold award winners. 

mun2 has been honored with 23 PromaxBDA awards in the past seven years.  The PROMAX/BDA awards are widely-regarded as the industry’s leading competition honoring outstanding promotion, marketing and design work in broadcast media. 

“We’re honored to be recognized as leaders in our space by PromaxBDA” said Diana Mogollon, General Manager, mun2. “These awards really validate our commitment to producing unique, cutting-edge content for today’s young Latinos. It’s a great honor to be recognized by a prestigious organization such as PromaxBDA in such diverse categories that showcase our pioneering & innovative programming. “

“We are very excited to be awarded again for the seventh consecutive year by PROMAX BDA North America. It is a testament to the quality work of the mun2 creative team” said Ricardo de Montreuil, Vice President, Creative Director, mun2. “mun2 has become a breeding ground for new Latino talent, where the new generation of Latino creative leaders are emerging.”

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- “Hispanic Heritage”spot – Gold Award in “Public Service Announcement Campaign”: mun2’s original spot celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month across the cable network’s affiliate distributors with humorous spots that invite viewers to participate and celebrate Latino culture, regardless of their ethnic background.

- “12 Corazones: Safe Sax” spot: Silver Award in “Adult Rated Program Category”: The spot features the provocative comedy dating show 12 Corazones (12 Hearts) which airs on the cable network and presents a sexy couple making out, before cutting to the show’s host Penélope Menchaca, who constantly drops famous sayings throughout the program.  We keep her gimmick, while adding a sexy gloss to the proceedings.
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- “Scenarios”: Bronze Award in On-Air Illustration”: This mun2 spot features a special series of student short films that aired for 8 weeks, capturing the youthful essence of the short films and with various storyboard illustration elements.


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