November 15, 2010

Seccion Amarilla announced the launching of its new product line, "Seccion Ahorros." In conjunction with Seccion Amarilla's other product lines, Seccion Ahorros will target the U.S. Hispanic segment.

Seccion Ahorros will offer a variety of DIRECT MARKETING, SPANISH-LANGUAGE products through a number of advertising channels, including Print, Online, SMS, E-Blast and Magazine. This mixture of channels will offer Seccion Amarilla clients desiring to directly and effectively reach the U.S. Hispanic consumer the advantage of reaching consumers quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly or weekly and will further broaden the spectrum of available promotional opportunities. This all new Seccion Ahorros product line will offer small and mid-sized businesses the opportunity to provide the Hispanic consumer with coupons, discounts, promotions, offers and other deals using one or a combination of Seccion Ahorros product alternatives.

"With the launching of the Seccion Ahorros product line, Seccion Amarilla is looking to complement the service that we currently offer with our existing products such as Seccion Amarilla print and online yellow pages directories. With this expansion, Seccion Amarilla has become a Hispanic media platform that generates leads to its clients," said Juan Reffreger, CEO of Seccion Amarilla USA.  

"Coupons are an effective and measurable media channel that allows advertisers the opportunity to rapidly recognize a return on investment. We are creating as many channels as possible to expose Seccion Ahorros to Hispanic consumers and will continue to develop products that will be available for our clients in the near future," said Miguel Capriles, National Marketing Director of Seccion Amarilla USA.

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