The great national golfing nightmare is over.  And we have a Mexicana and a South Korean woman among others to thank.

I just couldn't resist sharing this with the readers of

     The US Hispanic Market advertising and media industries are under attack by those less fortunate ad agencies and media suffering from attrition and lower mainstream budgets.

     Jack Rico is founder and editor of, a website dedicated to providing movie information and reviews to Spanish speaking audiences.

During these challenging economic times, no, especially during these trying times it's always nice to be able to point to moments of brilliance.  When it comes to marketing McDonald's has set the standard.  W

   Caridad Fernandez is a true Latina Beauty. Professional model, and founder, president and CEO of Unica — Centro de Refinamiento, the largest modeling agency in Puerto Rico.

      Just read Nancy Hill’s op-ed piece titled ‘Fair Play’ in P&C magazine.  Ms.

   Jose Chavez “J-Si” is the latest crew member of the syndicated morning show Kidd Kraddik in the Morning. Born in Mexico City, JC moved to California in 1991.

     Perhaps a bit strong to use the S word, but it seems to be in everyone’s vocabulary these days. Just ask anyone in most areas of our business. If you are on the media sales side and you work the local or network beat, business sucks.

I think Obama has locked up the Latino vote for 2012 with his nomination of federal judge Sonia Sotomayor.  If confirmed, this Bronx-raised, Princeton-educated Puerto Rican woman will be the first Hispanic on

     We talked to Roberto Sneider about the film “Arrancame La Vida”, based on the novel by Angeles Mastreta. He directed and wrote the screenplay. This movie will be in US theaters soon.

      Omnicom just added procurement officers to their media buying division.  We looked for some notes on the web and found the following in the HP Communities blog below.

   Rafael Anchia is state representative for the State of Texas. He is considered to be, among politics, the first potential Hispanic candidate for Governor of Texas.

Forgive me but I ask that you indulge me in a bit of politics, but it has everything to do about our communities.

     The term Multicultural was created to lump the marketing to African Americans, Asians, Hispanics and the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transexual (GLBT) market all into one cozy, neat, and siloed bucket by mainstream adv