I called a Hispanic Public Relations shop in San Diego today to congratulate the owner of the agency on a post she co-wrote in a leading national publication.  I was looking forward to having a positive conversat

  By Chiqui Cartagena

  Pam Silvestri is Public Affairs Director for Southwest Transplant Alliance. STA is a non-profit organ and tissue donor program serving hospitals & patients throughout much of Texas.

Edoardo Chavarin — NaCo — Continuing our conversation about trends in music and fashion among the urban culture,  we sat down with cultural guru, Edoardo Chavarin, Chief Creative officer of NaCo, to dig in a li

Good news.

      By Joe Zubizarreta / Zubi Advertising.

Looking at my 2010 t&e budget and the special events and/or conferences we will be attending in 2010 that were approved by our CFO, once again we have decided to post them ......

On the TV screen that is.  And it only cost him $80.  And he doesn't work for an ad agency.

By Silvia Alvarez / Zubi Advertising

   by David Queamante

Those of you who are familiar with my rants will recall a similar post last year.  But seriously folks, something is very wrong with the white female-dominated New York-based Women in Communications (

    The current edition of LatinCast, we’ll be exploring the hot, trend setting consumer segment marketer call “urban youth”.

     By Chiqui Cartagena

Faces of America, a new look at race and immigration in America!

  I am taking a view on the current PPM battle between Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) and Arbitron which transpired in the last 72 hours that the broadcasters might not want to hear.

    By Lisa M. Martin - Public Relations Account Executive/Creative Civilization

No pressure.

I work with two of the founders of Hispanic marketing.