I have never been so insulted in all my life! I CANNOT believe that in this day and age, Latinos are still being discriminated in such a blatant and obvious manner.

This is a follow up to our blog “Should I Reach Out to Hispanics in English? Spanish?

  John Leguizamo, the comedian and actor who will serve as ambassador to the upcoming Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York, got a surprise scolding from his father on Friday.

  Those who know me well know that I enjoy celebrating the interaction of cultures.  So last night was a remarkable one and it was all due to the nation's oldest black fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha.

It's clear that President Obama never needed the 2010 Census to teach him about Latinos.

  Many of you know I spent 25 years in Hispanic Radio.  Maybe too long.

I have become a Pandora.com fan for about a month, paid the upgrade to ‘TEST’ on my computer and mobile.

  The five senses of sight (seeing), hearing (listening), smelling, feeling (touch), and tasting are very important to any human being since they are our tools for understudying the world around us.

The Hispanic ad agency is doomed according to these new multiculturalists or cross-cultural theorists.  They  can only do one thing well; target US Hispanics in Spanish the old traditional way, but mainstream ad agencie

    I was forwarded a post in LinkedIn where a President & CEO and Publisher of a Nashville, Tennessee Spanish-language newspaper stated  and I quote’ “What concerns me the most about Telenovelas is that it actually molds culture of the Lat

By Chiqui Cartagena

Next week's NGLC conference promises to elevate the conversation

This past week our Industry enjoyed a new milestone.  The first Hispanic inducted into the American Advertising Federation Hall of Fame,

A legend in our Industry, Eduardo Caballero.

   I attended a dinner meeting of agency and media executives to ponder the future of our US Hispanic Ad Industry.  The invitation perked my interest.

OK, so I digress.  I'm listening to "Vogue" as I write this.

Everything I know about marketing I learned from the Material Girl.

   I'm sure by now everyone has read about how the Latino population in California is reaching parity with the Anglo population.  And while the Asian population increased at a higher rate since the last Census, the Lati