I was recently asked to address the National Hispanic Corporate Council (NHCC)  at their annual meeting in Atlanta.

   Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen the political crescendo rise to deafening levels about our economy and the future of our country.  Wall Street and our politicians did not help, since greed and misplaced i

The Jon Stewart of Spanish-language TV, Jaime Bayly, pretty much endorsed Obama on Wednesday night.  Why is this news?  Well, if you're a regular viewer of Bayly's talk show on Mega TV in Miami (airing nation

So what do Geor

   We have received hundreds of e-mails and calls asking us for the phone number of Caballero, Cisneros & Yzaguirre, LLC.   I stated in my last post on El Blog “Imagine (operative word) Eduardo Caballero, Henry Cisn

  Imagine Eduardo Caballero, Henry Cisneros and Raul Yzaguirre launching a company with the main purpose of ensuring that independent Hispanic advertising agencies, Hispanic owned media and Hispanic owned companies get a fair shot at the busine

For a place known as a Mexican city, L.A. has recently shown how it continues to grow as a multicultural megapolis.  I'm continually intrigued not only by the confluence of Latino cultures but also by how L.A

      Over the last couple of years our Industry has been exposed to a very unprofessional assault on the integrity of one of our professionals.

Tuesday night TV in Miami was an absolute classic--and I would submit historic.  I would go so far as saying that it was historic TV programming in ANY LANGUAGE.

   Many of you have enjoyed the series Mad Men, that portrays the entertaining view of advertising professionals and their craft.

I've often said that there are really only a handful of companies that truly get multicultural marketing, and State Farm is one of them.  It is not surprising that these few companie

  I came across this cartoon sometime in 1990 or 1991.

  A year and a half ago in anticipation of what undoubtedly would become the greatest impact the Hispanic vote would have on any Presidential Election to date, I began the long and tedious process of trying to convince the folks at the presiden

The son of undocumented Mexican immigrants has just done the unexpected at the 2008 Beijing Olympics: winning a gold medal in freestyle wrestling.  Henry Cejudo, who moved around a lot growing up in the U.S.,