Televisión Dominicana has exclusive U.S. television rights to the home games of Las Estrellas Orientales, Los Gigantes del Cibao, Los Leones del Escogido, and Los Toros del Este, which will include the regular season and playoff games.

In this Hispanic Radio Podcast, SBS EVP/Programming Jesus Salas shares why the launch of a brand-new station and adjustments at two other FMs in Puerto Rico couldn't come at a better time. He also discusses how local social media influencers are leading one of the brand refresh efforts, and how politics and the need to talk will soon reshape another FM station best-known for its traditional salsa hits.

U.S. Hispanic soccer fans can enjoy new seasons of Costa Rica’s “Campeonato Apertura 2018,” which kicked off Sunday, July 22nd and El Salvador and Honduras’ “Torneo Apertura 2018,” beginning Saturday, July 28, exclusively on Centroamérica TV.

In this latest Hispanic Radio Podcast, Adam R Jacobson has a candid conversation with a Latina consumer of both English-language and Spanish-language radio in Miami. She's an immigrant and has her favorite stations, which she listens to both in the car and at home. What does she like? Listen now and learn!

In federal court in Brooklyn, US Imagina, LLC (“Imagina US”) pleaded guilty to a criminal information (the “Information”) charging it with two counts of wire fraud conspiracy in connection with the participation of two of its senior executives in schemes to pay more than $6.5 million in bribes to high-ranking officials of the Caribbean Football Union (“CFU”) and four Central American national soccer federations to secure media and marketing rights to those federations’ World Cup qualifier matches. 

Has FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's championing of "AM revitalization" through the introduction of FM translators as a rebroadcast outlet truly revitalized the radio industry? Absolutamente ... says Hispanic radio veteran George Mier. Thanks to translators serving Tampa and Orlando, his family's Q Broadcasting is soaring in Central Florida. We learn all about Q's new heights in this Hispanic Radio Podcast hosted by RBR+TVBR's Adam Jacobson.  Courtesy of Radio & Television Business Report

Audio plays an important role in the daily lives of hundreds of millions of Americans, and the listening audience of radio is as diverse and varied as the fabric of the American melting pot itself. In fact, radio is America’s top weekly reach platform, both overall and with Black and Hispanic consumers; 75 million of whom tune in each week. In the first quarter of 2018, the radio reached 92% of Black consumers each week and 96% of Hispanic consumers.

Thousands of miles away in Russia, some of the most bruising battles in the world are being waged on a finely mowed pitch, as nations wage war against nations in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.  The media company that lost the U.S. Spanish-language broadcast rights to Telemundo now finds itself in its own firefight, a swiftly escalating struggle that was already resulted in a war of words and exchanges full of accusations, finger-pointing and braggadocio.  By Adam Jacobson

Aida E. Rosario has been named Director of Community and Communications for Telemundo 47.

During the last few years, television has undergone significant transformation, driven by the evolving ways people watch content and lead their lives. Shifts in audience behavior and demographics have led to a more fragmented media landscape, and the shifts have generated more programming that reflects the evolving demographics of an increasingly multicultural America. Gen Z (defined as people born between 1997 and 2016) is currently the largest generation in America—at 27% of the general population—and is the most diverse cohort after Millennials.

Can Spanish-language radio serve as a powerful platform for the expansion of a very regional brand that seeks wider growth opportunities? Yes. Louisiana-based roaster Community Coffee is using AMs and FMs targeting Hispanic consumers to great success in Texas. In this Hispanic Radio Podcast, advertising agency head Alex López Negrete — whose resume includes Spanish-language play-by-play for an NBA franchise — shares his thoughts on why radio works for advertisers.

The metric is “frequency” and most of us in radio sales take for granted that we fully understand the role it plays in advertising success. But do we?  By Bob McCurd

With all of the changes seen in the U.S. Hispanic market over the last two decades, there's one remarkable constant that's been seen: The top Spanish-language radio format today is the same format that dominated the ratings in 1998. How is this the case? As the GSM for one of America's top Regional Mexican stations shares in this exclusive Hispanic Radio Podcast, the format successfully evolved along with the listening population

EstrellaTV will debut the thrilling human trafficking drama “La Promesa.

"Glitterbomb" is an explosive pop-culture talk show hosted by an entirely gay, Latino, Hollywood-insider panel featuring "Entertainment Weekly" senior editor Patrick Gomez, iHeartRadio personality Alexander Rodriguez, and actor Enrique Sapene.