February 23, 2018

Nominated for an Ariel Award for her role as Ramona, stand-up comedian Andrea Ortega stars in this Mexican comedy about a full-figured woman who has endured jokes about her weight for most of her life. Dealing with childhood recollections of constant bullying from her mother, sister, and friends, Ramona is desperate to lose weight. After several failed attempts, her luck seems to change when she discovers magical beetles in a Tarot café. The creatures promise to change her life forever and prompts the beginning of a journey towards self-acceptance and confidence about her appearance.

“Ella es Ramona is as hysterical as it is moving, and we are confident the film, which wittingly breaks down stereotypes, will be well-received by women, men and families alike,” said Carolina Bilbao, Executive Creative Director of Cinelatino.

The film will air on the network’s Domingo Estelar block (Steller Sundays), which features blockbuster hits and award-winning films from Mexico and Latin America and the Caribbean.


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