September 13, 2018

CentroAméricaTV will premiere its new original production, “Inmigrantes: El Camino Hacia un Sueño” (Immigrants: The Road Towards a Dream), on Saturday, September 15, 2018, at 8:00pm ET / 5:00pm PT.

Filmed in Los Angeles, the new weekly series focuses on the arduous journey many Central Americans take to reach the “land of freedom’ in the United States, and exposes the harsh reality they face once they arrive. Each episode profiles the moving and personal stories of real Central American immigrants who sacrificed everything to reach America, as well as of those who have already achieved their dream and serve as a source of inspiration.

“CentroAméricaTV has been supporting the Central American communities residing in the U.S. for 14 years, keeping millions of Central Americans connected to the cultures and traditions of their countries of origin,” said Francisco Gimenez, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cable Networks of Hemisphere Media Group, Inc., the network’s parent company. “This program recognizes the great efforts, risks and losses that our audience has taken in search of a better life, and we hope it will also remind them that they are not alone in this country.”

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