May 16, 2017

This year CNN en Español is celebrating its 20 years of covering news around the world like no one else with credible, emotional, ground breaking journalism. During its Upfront presentation in New York City, the network announced a new and enhanced lineup that continues to build on the network’s strategy of offering a multiplatform news network with fresh and original content, live breaking news programming, DocuFilms, CNN en Español Red Room, an interactive and social media space, and CNN en Marcha, a mobile interactive social media hub that travels to important venues all over the U.S.

'We are excited about the launch of our new mobile app as it is a key element in our multi-platform strategy.  As we continue to grow our audiences in the US and beyond, we strive to provide the content and the tools to make the CNN en Español experience essential to our audiences,' said Cynthia Hudson, Senior Vice President and General Manager of CNN en Español and Hispanic Strategy for CNN/U.S.

As part of the new and enhanced programming, the network presented the following programming for 2018:

DEPORTES CNN heads out to Russia for the coverage of the 2018 soccer World Cup. It is a special tournament for most countries in our region. In short it is considered the last time Lionel Messi will have the chance to prove he is the best soccer player in the history of the game by lifting what would be the first world cup of his career after 3 previous failed attempts. Brazil is also going to Russia to prove that it has recovered from the humiliation the whole county endured 4 years ago during its own World Cup. The United States has also the chance to prove that it can replicate at the international level the great success its domestic league, the MLS, has achieved and Mexico is facing this next World Cup with the challenge of also proving that it is not only a regional power but also a global soccer power.

CNN DOCUFILMS brings an impressive line-up that commemorates the lives of Princess Diana, Elvis Presley, Charlie Chaplin and Christian Dior.

             DocuFilms will take a dive in Dubai in Down to Earth. Ernesto Gainza, a Venezuelan Skydiver prepares to set a Guinness World Record by standing 4,000 meters above the ground and skydiving with the fastest and smallest parachute in history. With an aim to motivate other to follow their dream and to never give up, Down to Earth is not only Ernesto’s journey to this day, but the story of determination, strength and sacrifice and how Ernesto risks his life to come to terms with his past after moving to Europe post a difficult divorce and giving up everything to find himself. DocuFilms will also commemorate the one year anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting in Orlando.

             Deportation is the worst nightmare for an undocumented immigrant in the U.S. In an original production by CNN en Español, Deportados travels to the Mexican city of Tijuana, where a border wall with the U.S. separates lives and families. DEPORTADOS is a close-up and personal recollection of stories by people whose lives were shattered after being deported. It portrays the U.S. Army veteran who is fighting to go back to the country he calls home and for which he was willing to die. It’s the story of Jenny, the transsexual who faces a stigma in a country where she feels at risk. DEPORTADOS also depicts the emotional struggle of two mothers. Emma, who wrote a bedtime story to capture the drama of her own family after being separated from her husband and children and whose only hope is to one day be reunited again with them. And Liliana, who fled from the US to Mexico with her two children fearing for her life. Now one of her children is back in the U.S., but Liliana doesn’t know her whereabouts. The drama of the deportation saga is also told through the eyes and voice of a man who used to smuggle humans into the U.S. and now has found redemption serving others.

CNN en Español is at the front and center of HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH. Various programs including Café CNN, Directo USA and CNN Dinero will highlight contributions by Hispanics to the culture of the United States. In the annual Exito Latino Special, presented by Senior Political Correspondent Juan Carlos Lopez, from Washington, prominent Hispanics and their journeys to success are highlighted, along with CNN en Español’s fourth Voto Latino event hosted out of Washington DC, uniting key figures and analysts from CNN en Español in the political arena to discuss tendencies and the future of US Politics.

The CNN Red Room is an interactive and social media space where influencers, newsmakers and other VIPs enjoy the 360 experience of CNN en Español and share it with their followers and fans. And last but not least, CNN en Español presented CNN en Marcha, a mobile interactive social media hub that travels to important venues all over the US producing original content.



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