April 13, 2016

Azteca America kicked off the New York leg of its “Game On!” 2016-2017 Upfront tour by announcing a roster of entertaining family game shows, adventure reality programming, thrilling dramas and spectacular sporting events as well as innovative ways to reach consumers through a new advertising production arm. The announcements were made by Azteca America executives Manuel Abud, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Craig Geller, Executive Vice President, Network Sales and Digital. They were joined by popular network talent Verónica del Castillo (co-host of “Al Extremo”), Rafael Mercadante (co-host of “Escape Perfecto”), network sports journalist Inéz Sainz, and the voice of Liga MX on Azteca, Christian Martinoli (co-host of “Primetime Fútbol”), at the Gramercy Hotel.

The network is showcasing its new programming and digital offerings to advertisers in four key markets – Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Dallas – via customized, solutions-based presentations emphasizing Azteca’s reach as a multiplatform, data-driven media company.

“Azteca America enters this upfront season on the heels of delivering its best March ratings in five years across all key demos in primetime,” said Abud. “We have made good on all of last year’s promises and our ‘Game On!’ theme underscores our proven counter-programming strategy, further solidifying our position as an entertainment leader in the U.S.”

This year welcomes the return of the incredibly successful 7PM family hour, La Hora Ganadora (The Winning Hour) with the debut of “Ahora Caigo.”  The 8PM adventure reality block features the new international adventure reality show “Desafío” followed later in the evening at the 10PM hour by the riveting drama series “Rabia.” They join “Al Extremo” and “Primetime Futbol” two of the network’s most successful franchises, to round out a compelling programming slate that appeals to U.S. Hispanic audiences of all ages and programming tastes.

The network also unveiled the creation of Azteca GlassWorks Studio, an in-house digital content provider devoted specifically to creating multiplatform “stories” for advertisers. As audiences continue to evolve and take greater control of their entertainment choices, Azteca GlassWorks Studio will provide customized messaging for advertisers and marketers looking for compelling and innovative ways to tell their brand stories to consumers. This collaborative approach to native content will enable clients to create more memorable brand experiences and further establish Azteca as a multimedia entertainment company.

Additionally, Azteca announced its participation in both digital and TV programmatic platforms. The network will reveal specific details in the coming weeks.

Furthermore, the network revealed it is incorporating Real-Time Participatory Media (RPM) technology into its programming to create a high-level of engagement between viewers and shows.  As a way to connect with viewers in an entertaining trivia environment, while acting as an effective tool for collecting data-driven insights into viewer behavior, RPM is particularly engaging when used during Azteca’s game shows and adventure reality programs.

“Through customization and implementation of a more efficient and effective strategy across multiple screens, we are doubling down on consultative selling,” added Geller. “As a network, we have invested in delivering the strongest selection of content, marketing and distribution platforms, all in an effort to better understand and address the ever-changing needs of our viewers and advertisers. Azteca GlassWorks Studio, programmatic buying and RPM are specifically designed to evolve with the changing marketplace and the future of digital marketing.”

Azteca also introduced its digital programming strategy under the theme “A Better Life” with content that is specific to the needs of its audience. By going to, visitors can get the latest news, entertainment and sports in their language and from their point of view. “A Better Life” extends into other social media as well, with feature deals, opportunities and information important to Latinos, available on their computers and mobile devices, and through social media platforms.



On the heels of a successful debut year, La Hora Ganadora (The Winning Hour) returns to the 7PM hour, or “win-o’clock” hour, with a 60-minute block of interactive programming for the entire family to enjoy.

“Ahora Caigo”

New to La Hora Ganadora, “Ahora Caigo” is a crossword-style game show where a single contestant (the “Hero”) tries to beat 10 other individuals (the “Strangers”) for a chance to win a grand prize. Watch as they try to solve the puzzle and beat the 20 second clock!


Reality shows continue to captivate Azteca audiences in the 8PM hour and this season is no exception. The network will transport viewers to exotic places, where they will follow the difficult journeys of contestants as they battle extreme situations.


In a reality show that tests human endurance in a competition where adversity prevails, “Desafío” pits players against each other while battling the forces of nature in places like Morocco and India. Using a system of progressive elimination, contestants compete for cash and other prizes.


High-quality, action-filled dramatic series take center screen during the 10PM hour.


An outbreak of rabies is sweeping the country and causing mass chaos. To avoid the spread of infection, the government quarantines the sick to detention centers, but a group manages to escape and hide in an abandoned shelter. Filmed between Madrid and Malaga, “Rabia” tells the riveting story of what happens to people when faced with an extreme situation beyond their control.


“Venga la Alegría”

“Venga la Alegría” is a popular midday entertainment show with segments appealing to all audiences. The show features beauty tips, cooking lessons, games, comedy sketches, and health and nutrition advice presented by hosts Poncho de Anda, Ingrid Coronado, Carlos Arenas, Sergio Sepúlveda, Tábata Jalil, Raúl Osorio, Vanessa Claudio and Tania Rincón.


“Ventaneando” continues to be the go-to destination for juicy celebrity news from all over the U.S. and Mexico - exclusively on Azteca. Iconic hostess Pati Chapoy and her team, Atala Sarmiento, Daniel Bisogno, Cesar Casares, and Pedro Sola, serve up the hottest celebrity coverage. This season brings viewers more exclusive stories, surprising gossip and scandalous secrets!

“Al Extremo”

“Al Extremo” is a newsmagazine show that dares to tell what other television programs won’t.  Hosting the show is the distinguished pair Verónica del Castillo and Juan Barragan. Gaby Crassus brings the show's signature thrills to weekends with “Al Extremo Fin de Semana.” “Al Extremo” presents video clips covering a range of extraordinary events caught on tape, from gritty moment to humorous videos depicting life’s lighter moments. Tales of human interest, police stories, crime scenes, miraculous events, and the most audacious entertainment news make for an extreme hour of television viewing.

“Todo o Nada”

“Todo o Nada,” hosted by Mauricio Barcelata, is a game show for audiences of all ages. Challenges unfold quickly and simply in games with different themes, all played for many high-quality prizes. The concept involves the participation of up to ten players, each of whom will take a turn to overcome a challenge. They will each only have one chance to win the prize for that game. Each day may see several winners for a game. Prizes will include electronics, appliances, and even an automobile.

“Escape Perfecto”

Rafael Mercadante and Adianez Hernandez host “Escape Perfecto,” which brings the thrill of an action movie to a game show for the entire family. A team of two contestants will work together to figure out how to grab prizes from the “cage” and make it out before the doors are closed forever. One of the contestants is tested with general knowledge questions, and when the right answers are provided, the teammate who is locked inside the cage will have a small amount of time to retrieve the prizes chosen by the team and make an escape before the time is up. The bigger the prize, the smaller the time frame and, if that wasn’t enough, the questions will increase in difficulty as the team progresses into the next round. There are ten questions for each team, halfway through the test, the team will have the chance to escape with what they have or risk it all for the major prize selected at the beginning of the game, “Escape Perfecto” features two contestants battling to grab as many prizes as possible within individual cages. The most important challenge is to exit the cage with more prizes than the opponent.

“La Isla”

“La Isla,” the Mexican reality show more commonly known as La Isla El Reality, is in its fifth season. Pitted against each other, one group of contestants is comprised of Mexican celebrities, also known as the “Famous” players, while two other groups of unknown participants are known as the “Challengers.” The participants will test their mental and physical strength and their abilities in the battle to determine who will take home the cash prize. Once again, Alejandro Lukini returns as the host, welcoming the participants and accompany them throughout their journey.

“Primetime Futbol”

Azteca America continues to score big ratings on Friday and Saturday nights, with the airing of home matches of the most dynamic teams of the First Division league. Once again, Azteca combines its stellar play-by-play transmissions featuring Christian Martinoli and Luis Garcia, along with some of the top sports analysts of Mexican soccer.  

“Azteca continues to build momentum as the destination for irreverent and exciting Spanish-language programming. This upfront marks a programming milestone for Azteca, with a truly comprehensive schedule of programming for viewers of all ages and interests,” said Margarita Black, Vice President, Programming, Azteca America.

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