December 06, 2017

Pasiones  has acquired the Latin American rights to premiere the sensational Mexican drama Soy Tu Dueña (“A Woman of Steel”), which will debuted on Tuesday, December 5.

Starring Mexican telenovela superstars Lucero, Fernando Colunga and Gabriela Spanic, Soy Tu Dueña tells the story of Valentina, a sweet and sensible young woman who turns cold and bitter after being left at the altar by her fiancé. Devastatingly heartbroken, Valentina vows to never fall in love again and retreats to her countryside hacienda where she isolates herself from the world. However, it isn’t long before she meets the attractive and gallant José Miguel, who can’t help but fall in love with Valentina’s undeniable beauty and strong personality. Despite all the obstacles, Valentina’s feelings for José Miguel gradually evolve as he breaks down the fortress she built around her heart.

“We are thrilled to continue offering our viewers the most successful novelas from around the world, and Soy Tu Dueña is no exception.” said Francisco Gimenez, General Manager of Cable Networks for Hemisphere Media Group, Inc., Pasiones’ parent company. “The Mexican drama did exceptionally well in the U.S. and we are confident it will perform well with our audience in Latin America.”

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