May 26, 2021

Univision announced the world premiere of “Si Nos Dejan” (If They Let Us), a story about love after a betrayal and breaking age-gap stereotypes. Starring Mayrín Villanueva, Marcus Ornellas, and Alexis Ayala, “Si Nos Dejan” premieres Tuesday, June 1, at 9 p.m. ET.
Produced by Carlos Bardasano (“Amar a Muerte,” “El Dragón,” “Rubí,” “Como Tú No Hay 2”) and written by Leonardo Padrón (“Amar a Muerte,” “Rubí”), this drama features Alicia (Mayrín Villanueva), a mature, empowered female lead who against the odds finds love again. Alicia has the perfect family; she has been married to Sergio (Alexis Ayala), a star journalist in Mexico, for 25 years, and they have three children together. Seen as an icon of success, her world collapses when she finds out that her husband has been unfaithful for more than three years. Alicia divorces him and starts a new life alone. In her new path, she will have to face many obstacles and prejudices, especially after falling in love with a man much younger than her.

The theme song of this new drama is a new version of José Alfredo Jiménez’s classic “Si Nos Dejan” bolero interpreted by Latin music power couple Belinda and Christian Nodal.

“Si Nos Dejan” also marks the return of Gaby Spanic to telenovelas in the role of Fedora and features beloved young actress Isabel Burr (Médicos, Casa de Las Flores, Luis Miguel) and talented actor Álex Perea (Sin Miedo a la Verdad) along with acclaimed actress Susana Dosamantes. 

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