It’s not unusual for careers to get off to wobbly starts as young people, hampered by their lack of experience and contacts, find it difficult to achieve a firm footing.

Anyone who wants to understand today’s news environment faces a challenge: How to discern the nuances of digital news habits when Americans’ attention spans are fractured, human memory is naturally limited and news comes at them every which way.

Growth ambitions and the pace of change are high in an uncertain market. Defensive strategies being implemented by chief financial officers are demanding rapid and sustained cost reduction from procurement. Driven by a lack of talent and increasing digital innovation, the traditional procurement operating model has to change.

Madison Avenue Manslaughter outlines the hows and whys of steadily declining fees, increased workloads, diminishing industry perception and morale, kickback scandals and opacity characterizing relationships among advertisers, holding companies, media buying companies and creative ad agencies.

Entravision Communications Corporation announced that it has become a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) trade association.

El Poder En Ti, NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises’ robust community initiative aimed at empowering viewers to take action for a better life, announced the El Poder En Ti “Tu Educación Scholarships,” which recognize and celebrate academic excellence, leadership skills, and the pursuit of higher education.

Leaders struggling to find capital they can use to drive growth may want to look at all the investments they’ve made in the name of loyalty. That’s because loyalty programs typically cost more, and deliver less, than many realize.

Today’s consumer goods industry was built on brand marketing. For decades, the focus was on high-impact campaigns across TV, billboards and radio, with companies seeking to develop slogans and brand narratives that resonated with consumers of all ages and backgrounds.

Traditionally, brands have the option of either cutting cost or putting up prices to boost margins are deciding to go for a more premium positioning.

As retailers begin to expand beyond geographic boundaries, they also face pressure from consumers to “keep it local.”  Balancing globalization with localization has quickly become a priority for retailers looking to connect with their customers both in home markets and abroad.

CMOs are getting a lot of attention from the trade press these days, where writers drag in the usual suspects -- Big Data, analytical skills, experiential marketing, Instagram, programmatic buying, Facebook, mobile platforms, Millennials, AI, Virtual Reality, etc. -- to demonstrate how CMOs need to become superhuman masters of everything new and challenging, pushing themselves and their marketing organizations to achieve higher levels of marketing and technological sophistication.  By Michael Farmer

Consumers are loyal to brands that respect their privacy, and that demonstrate their trustworthiness by safeguarding customers’ personal information.

The report describes how companies presently must sift through the promotional noise and hyperbole surrounding emerging technologies to find those solutions offering real potential. To realize that potential, they should become “kinetic” organizations — companies with the dexterity and vision required to thrive amid ongoing technology-fueled disruption.

An in-depth analysis of the current state of media ROI analysis has found that while progress has been made toward development of methods that enable near real-time cross-platform attribution and ROI analysis, much work still needs to be done and few viable integrated systems for looking at consumer behavior cross-platform are yet available.

Picture the scene: you’re trying to share a video with a couple of friends to illustrate a point you’ve been arguing about for the last half hour. As the video loads, an ad pops up at twice the volume of what you’ve been playing before. You groan and turn the volume down, but you’ve missed the chance to skip the ad and get bounced to your browser as the brand site loads. You switch back to YouTube but the conversation has moved on and your friends have lost interest. Advertising has ruined the moment.