A few months back, TrinityP3 Founder and Global CEO Darren Woolley observed on his podcast that most of the agencies he’d seen recently were not telling their story. Not that they weren’t telling their story effectively, but they weren’t telling a story at all. Often, they were just delivering a shopping list, ticking off the agency’s clients, offices, and capabilities. (Zzzzz. Sounds exciting, right?)  Perhaps most interestingly, Woolley said that the agencies actually started off by saying they “wanted to share their agency story,” but still “[he’d] be sitting there waiting for the start, the middle and the end of the story and it just wasn’t coming.”  By Mark Duval - The Duval Partnership

A Facebook post caught my attention this morning. Someone I once worked with many moons ago lost his father. “RIP Dad, thank you for making our lives unforgettable,” he wrote. And then it sunk in. This person’s dad was also my first boss in US Hispanic marketing over thirty years ago. This person’s dad was one of the early pioneers of US Latino marketing in this country and, among many colorful and memorable individuals, I will venture to say he was at the top of the list. This person’s dad was Pedro Font or Mr. Font to those who worked for him.

The Department of State (DoS) has selected Sensis to provide comprehensive social media services for its Spanish-language channels.

That great cartoon-strip philosopher Charlie Brown once said: "I have been repeating the same mistakes in life for so long now I may as well call them traditions." Had Charlie Brown ever grown up he may very well have enjoyed a successful career in advertising.  By Brian Jacobs - The COG Blog

There’s been a great deal of media coverage in the advertising industry of a recent report from the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) and The Observatory International. With good reason, because in many ways, it doesn’t bode well for external agencies.  By Mark Duval - The Duval Partnership

“The Business Case for Relationship Management,” survey was conducted jointly by the ANA and the 4A’s and serves as a follow-up to an April 2019 4A’s report, “Relationship Management Best Practices Guidance.”

CIVIC (a Seacrest Global Group Company) announced a new cultural insights and strategy venture – CULTIQUE – a boutique offering that crafts bespoke cultural insights for forward-looking businesses.

Republica Havas announced the expansion of its capabilities and services with the launch of Havas House, a global custom media, content, and publishing division. Based in Miami, Florida, and led by seasoned media executive Marisa Beazel as president, Havas House will work with brands worldwide and will also collaborate with Havas network agencies and their clients in the specialized area of custom owned media and content.

A majority ownership stake in Casanova//McCann, the Costa Mesa, California-based multicultural advertising agency within the McCann Worldgroup network, has been sold to the agency’s long-time President/CEO, Ingrid Otero-Smart. Terms were not disclosed.

Just a few months ago, the idea for Small Agency Monday was hatched by David Krupp, CEO, Americas at Billups, when he asked in AdAge, “what if independent advertising and media shops had the equivalent of American Express’ Small Business Saturday?” The idea that the advertising industry “could do more” to raise awareness of independent agencies resonated with many, and the concept quickly gained momentum. Currently, the Small Agency Monday campaign represents 150 agency partners from founding members Worldwide Partners, Tribe Global, Billups, and Magnet Global Network, and seeks to add more.  by Mark Duval - The Duval Partnership

As if three simultaneous pandemics (a health-related, the social tension of racism and inequality and the global economic recession) weren’t enough, over the last ten years or so, our industry has gone through a “pandemic“ of its own. This “virus” has affected mainly multicultural marketing and branding, and ultimately, companies who have suffered from sales, their share of the market, and other KPI’s declines. It is known as “Total Market” and it’s both dangerous and damaging! The main symptoms are indifference, lethargy, laziness, shortsightedness or even blurry vision, which results in overall brand weakness and connection fatigue.  By Luis Miguel Messianu Founder-Creative Chairman-CEO at Alma

It’s a strange time, and we are getting a lot of conflicting signals on the economy’s health. On the one hand, marketing budgets are thawing, some agencies are making a return (of sorts) to the office, and new business is underway. There are signs that we’re moving in the direction of normalcy.  By Mark Duval - The Duval Partnership

There’s been a raft of articles published this year making a strong argument for continuing to advertise through the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the recession that will follow. You may or may not agree but perhaps an understanding of just how much you stand to lose could help when thinking about your short to medium term plans. Where and what are the risks of stopping or cutting back on advertising and how do you mitigate against these risks through the worst recession on re

Following a recent IPA report on The Future of Account Management, there have been a number of articles questioning the role’s value. Its future is in doubt. The conversation is troubling, and agencies should pay close attention to the underlying concerns.  By Mark Duval - The Duval Partnership

For various reasons, not all agencies have prioritized diversity initiatives, and not all of them will. But by now, agency leaders have considered where they stand on diversity and inclusion (D&I), whether they are willing to commit to change (publicly or internally), and what resources they will make available to their cause.  By Mark Duval / The Duval Partnership