Is Netflix buying Viacom? Amazon buying CBS?  New media companies buying old ones makes sense. But maybe not for reasons you think.

Economic growth in 2018 is poised to be the strongest since 2005, which translates into positive consumer sentiment, thus stimulating further growth and signaling a strong holiday shopping season.

The transparency debate and distrust between advertisers and media buying agencies has been a topic in C-suites since Jon Mandel's 2015 speech at the Association of National Advertisers' (ANA) annual media conference, yet ANA's work on transparency dates back to at least 2011. Interest took a new, unprecedented turn on October 10, 2018 when the ANA notified its members that the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) asked the ANA to inform its members about the investigation and to ask its members to consider cooperating with the FBI investigation if they believed they might have been defrauded by their agencies.

Progress on gender diversity at work has stalled. To achieve equality, companies must turn good intentions into concrete action.

Disclaimer: this is just my personal POV. Off the top of my head. I took some mental notes here and there but this is just what stuck in my mind, which I’m hereby hastily putting together for your perusal. Congrats to Gilbert Dávila and team for once again putting together a marquee of first-rate talent coordinated with clockwork care.  By Gonzalo López Martí - Creative director, etc    /


ANA celebrates 20 Years of Multicultural and Diversity Conferences

When P&G makes it known that this iconic house of brands stands for both Profits & Growth and Purpose & Good, marketers pay attention. It’s no surprise that this quote by P&G CMO Marc Pritchard is being retweeted, reposted and restated as a validating proof point in support of an industry discipline that has been given short shrift: “If you’re not doing multicultural marketing, you’re not doing marketing.”  By Rochelle Newman-Carrasco - EVP, Hispanic Strategy Walton Isaacson

Entravision Communications Corporation announced that Mario M. Carrera has decided to step down as Chief Revenue Officer. 

If your company's employee roster doesn't reflect the multicultural audience it seeks, does it truly understand that audience, respect it, and want it? That's the subject of the latest Hispanic Radio Podcast, in which RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson tackles "The Case For Change" -- and how it could lead your company to not only change the format of a struggling radio station to one of interest to Latinos, but also lead your company to fully embrace the "new American mainstream."

When I first started work in the U.S., I vividly remember being taken to task by a senior research director at a client company who accused me of using “judgement” in my analysis. This episode highlighted a clash between my belief that data needed to be interpreted to be useful and a widespread belief that the research role was simply to report the data.  by Nigel Hollis

  By Gonzalo López Martí - Creative director, etc. /    

  • Is it meant to change minds about a product, service, brand or politician?
  • Is it meant to sell?
  • Is it meant to inform?

Nearly seven million Latinos in the U.S. provide unpaid care to an aging or older loved one. Many Latino family caregivers see caregiving responsibilities simply as something family members do for one another, and do not seek outside help. AARP and the Ad Council offer support with a new PSA campaign, encouraging Latino caregivers nationwide to access free Care Guides, self-care tips, planning resources, legal and financial guidance, and more.

At the threshold of the 20th Century, a melting pot of adventurous immigrants, creative mavericks, and freedom-seeking African Americans shaped consumerism as we now know it.

Women’s entrepreneurship is thriving in America. According to the 2018 State of Women-Owned Business report commissioned by American Express, 1,821 women-owned businesses were launched per day over the last year, bringing the total number of women-owned firms to 12.3 million, employing over 9 million people and accounting for $1.8 trillion in revenue.

Occasionally, useful metaphors present themselves in unusual places, in this case on a driving range; a place you find yourself more often when you no longer participate in new business pitches.  Of course, on a driving range it's not possible to win.  It's possible to construct an argument that no one wins a new business pitch either, rather than all the contenders, bar one, lose.

For years, folks in the ad industry have talked wistfully of the day when TV advertising would be bought through automated online interfaces on auction-based bid marketplaces, as search, social and digital display advertising have been bought since the middle 2000s.