Less than a third of black and Hispanic children had a dental visit at any time during 1996 (27.2 percent of blacks and 29.2 percent of Hispanics). Overall, less than half (42.5 percent) of all children visited a dentist in 1996.

Two-thirds of teenage girls are currently trying to lose weight or have recently attempted to lose weight, according to a recent study of America’s youth. By the time they reach age 18, about half of U.S. girls feel they are overweight.

Terra Lycos announced it has selected MedicinaNews.com, a U.S. based multi-media medical and healthcare information portal, to serve as its premier, global health/medical channel for the Terra sites.

The proportion of children living in a traditional nuclear family with their biological mother and father increased from 51 percent in 1991 to 56 percent in 1996, the Commerce Department's Census Bureau.

Parents feel one of their main obligations in life is to satisfy their children's basic needs, such as proper nutrition, clothing, health and emotional well-being. However, Latin American parents seem to be ignoring their child's safety when they are on the road.

La Salud Hispana, Latino 's Leading health magazine, and the NY/NJ MetroStars, of Major League Soccer, have announced a strategic partnership for what is expected to be the biggest information and gateway-driven exposition directed to Latino consumers,The Latino Health & Technology Festival

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) characterized recent research reporting increasing residential segregation of Hispanics in the U.S as "troubling."

Statement by NCLR President Raul Yzaguirre:

The Lorillard Tobacco Company's Youth Smoking Prevention Program has added three 30-second television commercials to its arsenal of groundbreaking and edgy ads designed to help spread the word among teens that it's not cool to light up.

The growing Hispanic population in America demands that more Hispanics enter the medical profession to reflect this changing patient base and to best provide medical care that bridges cultural differences, AMA President Randolph Smoak, Jr.

Nearly 1 in 5 persons -- 53 million people -- said they had some level of disability in 1997, while 1 in 8 -- 33 million -- reported they had a severe disability, according to a report released today by the Commerce Department's Census Bureau.

The California Endowment, the state's largest health foundation, announced today that $50 million has been pledged over the next five years to develop programs that will significantly improve the health status of California's agricultural workers.

The Federal Trade Commission's annual report on cigarette sales and advertising for 1999 shows that cigarette sales fell from 1998 to1999, but advertising and promotional expenditures increased significantly.

Surveys of 400 African-American and 400 Latino drivers conducted on behalf of Nissan's Quest For Safety child safety seat program, found that parents and caregivers report high levels of car seat awareness and usage for younger children, but report much lower levels of booster seat awareness and

The death rate from motor vehicle crashes for Hispanic children between the ages of 5 and 12 is 72 percent higher than the rate for non-Hispanic children. A new campaign is being launched this week to curb the high traffic fatality rate among young Latinos.

The Department of Health, Division of Health Awareness and Tobacco Control continues its statewide campaign to educate Florida Hispanics about the harmful effects of second hand smoke on the health of their families.