Orange County Register Communications and the Los Angeles Times Media Group (LATMG) announced the launch of OCSaver/Local Values --- an advertising insert distribution solution providing effective, targeted reach to Orange County households.

There are currently two big shifts going on in the direct marketing world that affect email marketers: the decline of direct mail and the rise of social media.

The Decline of Direct Mail

Latin-Pak has been building and enhancing their Hispanic database capabilities, which now includes: direct mail, email and mobile.

Strong evidence suggests that consumer spending, a bulwark against recession over the last year even as the energy prices surged and housing marketing sputtered, has slowed sharply.

Gas Station TV announced an industry-first, new creative product to increase frequency and brand retention for advertisers - the Echo Ad(TM).

The year 2008, in short, presented an extraordinary set of challenges to the practitioners and suppliers of direct mail marketing.

Latin-Pak now includes Contextual Messaging to Hispanics in its direct marketing repertoire. Latin-Pak's Contextual Marketing addresses the branding of a product by matching categories or key search words to the advertisers message broad scope of US Hispanic web sites.

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) premieres the “Hispanic Direct Marketing: Techniques and Best Practices” report.

“Freydell+Torres Diversity is here to fulfill this new role, with an expanded digital offering,” said owner-partner Humberto Freydell in announcing the agency's evolution.

On several occasions, I have conducted highly informal research on what people want to receive through email. Nothing fancy, just me asking friends and family what they want companies to send them. "Coupons" is always the first answer.

The session, “From John Q Sample to Juan Q Sample”, represents the first time the topic of reaching Hispanics has been included in the DMA’s general assembly. The DMA’s Directo council, focused specifically on direct marketing to U.S. Hispanics, is sponsoring the session.

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) released “Direct Mail Best Practices, Benchmarks, and Strategies,” an inaugural report designed to provide knowledge of current best practices in the direct mail arena.

The number of people turning to the web for coupons has soared to 36 million in 2008. That’s an increase of 10 million people from 2005. Traditionally consumers have associated coupons with the Sunday paper, but as consumers turn to the web for news they’re also looking online for savings.

Internet coupons are of increasing interest to consumers, according to a recent analysis by consumer and media measurement firm Scarborough Research. Eleven percent of households currently obtain coupons via the Internet, and this has increased 83 percent since 2005.

The Weighted Average Face Value (WAFV) for Free Standing Insert (FSI) coupons increased 7.3 percent to $1.34 in the first six months of 2008. This increase has become the highest WAFV on record according to Marx Promotion Intelligence, a division of TNS media intelligence.