June 30, 2021

AdAge held their Multicultural Marketing Webinar to discuss opportunities and the current state of Multicultural Marketing.  We grade it as a D+, for many reasons.  Beginning with only three (3) out of nineteen (19) panelists were Hispanic Market Executives in the conversation.  They missed the mark.

AdAge presented nine (9) panels trying to highlight the importance and the need to target Multicultural Consumers.  It was obviously unbalanced that we made it clear in their CHAT room about the disproportionality of the conversations. 

Out of all the panelists, three (3) out of nineteen (19) panelists were Hispanic Market executives in the conversation.  They missed the mark.

How could the Hispanic Market be highlighted as one of the most important elements of Multicultural Marketing, when it was underrepresented among the panelists?

You would have hope that the remaining sixteen (16) panelists would at least discuss the challenges and opportunities that US Hispanics Consumers represent to Corporate America.  How about the AdAge moderators asking the hard questions?  Rarely.

So they were trying to set the industry standard for the “Multicultural Marketing Conversations” of Today.  Really at whose expense?

Where is the accountability to portraying this unbalanced representation?

Does AdAge and Adweek believe that Multicultural Marketing has its beginning based on the occurances last year, vs the heritage of Hispaic Market for the last 40 years?

Based on several webinar put forth by AdAge and Adweek in the last yaer, Multicultural Marketing is define by how Black Marketing Executives perceives the situation / insights, and companies that try to commoditize Multicultural Marketing.

We question the diversity and understanding of the heritage of Multicultural Marketing of the Ad Age's & Adweek's executives in understanding Multicultural Marketing.  Both previously had dedicated editorial coverage of Hispanic Marketing and eliminated these editorial segments from their portafolios in recent years.

We are aware that the Hispanic Marketing Council (HMC) tried to connect and offer help and advice to create more of a balanced conversation.  There was no interest on the part of AdAge, even though they used the HMC letter to the Industry to promote the event.  

Were they just checking the box with this webinar or purposely excluding the Hispanic Market conversation?

Maybe we at HispanicAd try too hard to highlight the importance of our communities and our industry, thus being more sensitive for the lack of inclusion of our interest as an industry.  It is our core business.

Inclusion with exclusion.

Our wishes are for our Industry to speak out about this lack of inclusion and participation in the discussion.

We thank Angela Rodriguez / ALMA, Gonzalo del Fa / GroupM and Sergio Alcocer / Rest of the World for their insightful contributions to today's conversations, but much more was needed.

One point that Gonzalo del Fa / GroupM questioned with all this talk about Diversity & Multicultural Marketing did we  increased the ad spend against Hispanic Consumers.  Have ad dollars been shifted to from Hispanic Marketing to other segments? 

We do not have to tell you what Hispanics represent of the Multicultural Bucket, but we have very little representation in the conversations of Multicultural Marketing in today’s conversations. 

Have we lost out footing?

We earned +75 new LinkedIn connections today, because we challenged the conversation in the Ad Age CHAT during the discussions.  Maybe a good day for us at HispanicAd, but a not a good day for our Industry.

Respect is earned, we need to get it back.  Demand it.

Gene Bryan


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