September 23, 2016

The International Creativity Festival El Ojo de Iberoamérica that will take place in November in Buenos Aires, launched a courageous campaign for the final deadline for entries. Leaded by the already claimed Fighting Cholita, ChinChin, the ad uses a current issue as it is the threat of creating a wall to separate Latin, pushing them away and diminishing the creative potential that comes with diversity. Created once more by the Brazilian agency Santa Clara, it has the direction of Adriana Montenegro, from Indómita production house and the sound of DaHouse Audio.


The International Creativity Festival El Ojo de Iberoamérica that will take place next November 2, 3 and 4 at Hilton Hotel in Buenos Aires, keeps surprising with its traditional campaigns announcing the closure of entries. In this opportunity and after a successful participation in last year’s edition, ChinChin, the Fighting Cholita, is back to lead this new commercial in which she defies the “guy of the wall” and enhances the power of Latin culture. Therefore, El Ojo announces the final deadline for entries and invites agencies, production houses and advertisers to enter their ideas until September 30.

“Did you know that they want to build a wall? They want to say there is ‘our side’ and ‘their side’.” So says the beginning of the ad that shows ChinChin reciting passionately a statement in which she reminds the importance of Latin participation in the generation of big global ideas and the threat presented by the potential existence of a wall separating Latin and their ideas. Shot in La Paz, as the Cholita pronounces her words, a group of young people work on a mural that in the end shows a concrete message: “Fuck the Wall.”

The Brazilian agency Santa Clara, author of El Ojo de Iberoamérica’s annual campaigns, work once again on this production, directed by Adriana Montenegro from Indómita, and music and sound from Da House Audio.

“ChinChin was a success and had to be present this year too. We were searching for something that would make the campaign explosive. That’s when we found the anti-latinos speech and the wall they want to build dividing Mexico from the United States. We always try for El Ojo to talk not just about advertising, qwe want it to be about Latin pride. So our first reason was Latin power, Latin creativity and how it transforms the world,” claims Leo Avila, Creative Director of Santa Clara, Brazil.

"When I Heard about ChinChin and the script, I felt excited as Director. In the first place, because she is a wonderful female character and then, because it is a honor for Indómita and myself to represent Latin America in a Chola from La Paz, who has a strong message for the world: Fuck the wall,” resumes Adriana Montenegro, Director of the spot.

“In general, when you start composing you think about melodies. With ChinChin, I started thinking about what needed to be underneath. We used a Chacarera band with a bass of African stick for the back sound. That mix was what we achieved with music. We recorded audios in the street and looked for other sounds outside the studio. That texture is the reason why we did so good last year, so we decided to follow that road this year,” explains Lucas Mayer, Partner Founder of Da House Audio, who recognizes the success of the 2015 campaigns, awarded with Gold for Best Sound in the latest edition of Club de Creación de San Pablo’s festival.

“With this campaign El Ojo de Iberoamérica wants to highlight the relevance of Latin talent in the world and spread it further away from its borders. As we did it with last year’s concept ‘If you are a local hero, you can become a global hero’, now we continue strengthening the values of our culture and highlighting that our ideas are creative and transform things here and everywhere,” expresses Santiago Keller Sarmiento, President of the festival El Ojo de Iberoamérica.

Like this, El Ojo invites all agencies, production houses, advertisers and companies to enter their best ideas, cases and campaigns, in order to participate for the different awards recognized in the XIX edition of the festival that recognizes the best creativity in Ibero America.

Agency: Santa Clara
Advertiser: LatinSpots
Product: Festival El Ojo de Iberoamérica
Title: "Fuck The Wall"
Creative VP: Fernando Campos
Creative Director: Leo Avila
Creative Team: Maso Heck, André Jardim and Leo Avila
Head of Production: Priscilla Sanches
RTV Production: Karen Nakamura
Accounts: Rafael Oliveira, Beatriz Oporto Zan and Raiza Fekete
Media: Miriane Schmidt, Leonardo Nahum, Patricia Angelis, Allan Gomes
Production House: Indómita
Direction: Adriana Montenegro
Producción Ejecutiva: Militza Bedoya
Post-Production: Indómita Andres Ortiz
Sound Production House: DaHouse
Musical Producer: Lucas Mayer
Client Responsible: Santiago Keller Sarmiento

For more information about El Ojo de Iberoamérica, entries and tickets, enter or contact

About El Ojo de Iberoamérica El Ojo de Iberoamérica is the first international festival with a Latin approach over creativity, communications and entertainment. In each of its editions and for 19 years, El Ojo congregates talent and Latin spirit and spread across the world. The keys for success are the ones that gave origin to the festival: training, inspiration, networking, and recognition of the best ideas and professionals that create them. It is definitely an incentive for the industry to grow each year and consolidates as a global creative reference. Every year, El Ojo propels the borders of talent, creativity and Latin communication, empowering it. El Ojo goes further and becomes a great place for bonding and networking.

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