March 27, 2021

By Flor Leibaschoff - Director - Brand Creative - LERMA

What else can you do when you’ve been working from home for a year with 2 kids under 13 doing online classes, a toddler, a pandemic puppy and you’re about to publish a kids’ book?

Take on the Círculo Creativo.

  • How could you say no to such an honor.
  • How could I not give back to the Círculo a little of everything it gave to me when I started in this industry.

The Círculo Creativo welcomed me with open arms and introduced me to a new world.

Thanks to the Círculo and its leaders at the time, I was able to participate and represent the Hispanic US market for the first time at the Young Creatives competition ­– in Cannes!
When I arrived in the United States I was 22 years old, and I was coming from a style of working that was very different from what I found here. And I’m not talking about the language or the fact that in Argentina when they tell you something’s a cagada, it meant it was terrible, and when a Mexican boss here tells you something’s a cagado, it means it’s genius. No, I mean the sensibilities and new codes to learn.

At the Círculo, I found a community of creatives who were going through the same thing I was. Everyone had fire in their eyes, we were all ready to turn the industry upside down.

I am so proud today, when I see that everyday more and more companies are committed to the Hispanic Industry. Of course, it’s not something that Círculo Creativo can take all the credit for, but I can say it’s fair to say that we did have our share of ideas.

Hispanic advertising professionals have always been on the front lines, presenting, explaining and pushing clients to understand the necessity of having relevant, memorable – and why not, Lion-winning – creative. It was, is and always will be a basic need. It should be considered essential for all clients.

  • It has been shown that creativity helps brands create relationships with their audiences.
  • It has been proven that creativity helps advertising be more efficient, especially when is relevant to your audience.

There are 60 million Hispanic hearts in the US, we are the minority that spends the most in the United States. And yet, we are the first ones to lose the battle when there is a budget cut in Corporate America. Why? There is still a lot of work to do. I am feeling confident we will eventually get there; we are not alone. We have great partners like Hispanic Star, Hispanic Marketing Council, Hispanic Ad, and many other Latin America entities who are key to our industry.

In the meantime, Círculo Creativo keeps evolving, just like the rest of the world. It keeps growing and it needs more members to keep passing along the flame for ideas. So that this industry that we love so much will remain powerful.

If you want to help, go to and check out all the new things happening.

Alliances with schools, the Portfolio SOS programs, in which award-winning creative directors give of their time to help people get a start in or perhaps return to a career.

There’s also the alliance with the Cannes Lions, the Wave Festival, FIAP, El Sol, the ADDYs and other irons we have in the fire. The Webinars, networking events and the job board.

Well, it’s that time. The dog is barking, the baby’s crying, the boys are going after each other over the PlayStation and me, I have to go for a while… but that’s what’s happening in the life of every working mom during the pandemic. I don’t think I’m any different from any other mother who chooses to work, so I’ll sign off until later, but not without first reminding you to visit and check out all the types of memberships we have.

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