August 17, 2018

As health and wellness becomes one of the greatest concerns for nearly all segments of the population, MedicosTV has launched a multifaceted delivery platform for a new channel providing relevant health-related programming aimed at Spanish-speaking Hispanic audiences everywhere.

"MedicosTV was founded on the belief that health and quality of life relies on many factors beyond the medical care system. By educating Hispanic communities in their native language about basic health topics, we are effectively improving the wellbeing of our viewers," said Fernando M. Larez Jr., co-founder and head of marketing operations for MedicosTV.

The MedicosTV channel is available nationwide via traditional television broadcast as well as video-on-demand, online streaming subscription service, and a variety of social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vimeo.

In addition to the quality programming MedicosTV provides its viewers, the channels are also helping advertisers reach one of the most valuable demographics in which to present their product and services to.  According to Nielsen, Hispanic buying power reached $1.4 trillion in 2016—and is expected to reach $1.8 trillion by 2021.  With a variety of new delivery methods available to advertisers, MedicosTV offers unprecedented avenues for health and wellness brands seeking to organically interact with their target audience.

While MedicosTV realizes that the topic of health and wellness is a serious one, it also understands that their viewers are more receptive to information when it is presented in an entertaining way. By ensuring MedicosTV's content is relevant, collective, entertaining, and informative, it is quickly gaining a broad audience through both the television channel and online.

"MedicosTV is aimed at creating content that offers something for everyone – whether it be demonstrations, fitness and exercise, or guest-focused shows, we're able to engage our audience beyond the screen, prompting them to interact with the website and social channels. This keeps followers engaged across all levels of communication, thus increasing loyalty, authority, relevancy, and clout," said Larez.

MedicosTV is currently available on Hotwire Communications, Fision Fiber Optics, the VEMOX platform launch by Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc., Roku Inc., and AmazonFireTV.

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